10-Year Warranty in Minneapolis, MN

10-Year Warranty in Minneapolis, St. Paul, MN and Surrounding Areas

10-Year Warranty Every manufacturer of residential heating and air conditioning equipment provides their limited parts warranties. Typically, these warranties protect the consumer from manufacturing defects or flaws in the components of a furnace or air conditioner for 10 years, with longer or even lifetime warranties on furnace heat exchangers. At Residential Heating and Air Conditioning, we’re a Carrier Factory Authorized Dealer, and we know that Carrier honors that warranty on the rare occasions when it is needed. Other furnace and air conditioning manufacturers for brands we supply also offer good warranties and quickly replace defective parts so we can make repairs. There’s more than meets the eye, though, with these manufacturer’s limited warranties. Even with such good protection, a homeowner may still face a large bill when the furnace or air conditioner breaks down. Contact Residential Heating and Air Conditioning, all of our 10-Year Warranty AC and Heater products.

  • Manufacturer Warranties Don’t Cover Labor Costs

    It’s important to remember that those manufacturer’s limited warranties only cover the replacement parts themselves. They don’t cover the labor costs of installing the replacement parts. That’s hidden away in the fine print, and many consumers aren’t aware that they’re responsible for the labor costs in most cases.

  • Labor Costs Often Exceed Parts Costs

    As with most products, the cost of replacement parts for furnaces and air conditioners is often the smallest part of the cost of repairs. Labor charges are usually higher than the cost of the parts used to make that repair. Consumers are often shocked at the cost of labor with auto repairs and plumbing and electrical repairs. Highly skilled technicians with extensive training and experience command excellent wages today and those are passed along to the consumer.

  • Warranty Repairs Can Be Expensive

    As an example, manufacturers like Carrier offer long warranties for furnace heat exchangers. That’s a good thing because a cracked heat exchanger can cause dangerous carbon monoxide leaks. A replacement heat exchanger will be provided at no charge to the homeowner, but installing it requires major disassembly of the furnace. That’s time-consuming and can take hours. For the consumer, the labor cost can be very expensive.

Our 10-Year Parts and Labor Warranty Means Peace of Mind

MN Heating AC Contractor Minneapolis As the most trusted heating and air conditioning contractor in Minneapolis St. Paul, we understand how much homeowners rely on their furnaces and air conditioners to functionally properly. Unexpected problems or sudden breakdowns can be very stressful. We know that repair bills, even when a part is under warranty, can be expensive. Worse, they usually come at an inconvenient time. So we came up with a 10-year parts and labor warranty to offer our valued customers. Available for every furnace and air conditioner we sell and install, including all Carrier products, it covers both parts and labor. When you choose this extended coverage, if a part on your furnace or central air conditioning system breaks or fails, we’ll come to your location and make the repair professionally and quickly. Best of all, there’s no cost to you. Like all warranties, it has a few limitations, but the bottom line is that we’ll take care of almost any problem with any system we sell and install under the terms of this extended warranty.

When you meet with one of our salespersons for a free, no-obligation consultation, we’ll be happy to explain all of the features of our 10-year parts and labor warranty to you. Whatever furnace and air conditioner you choose and have us install, you can also choose this warranty. It will give you the peace of mind of knowing that you can count on reliable performance from your new or replacement system for years to come, without worrying about high labor bills for warranty repairs, if they are needed.

Manufacturers’ Warranties Furnaces and Air Conditioners

Carrier and Payne, two of the home heating and cooling leading manufacturers, offer outstanding coverage for their products.

  • Carrier Furnace Warranty

    Carrier offers excellent limited warranties for all of its high-quality furnace models including BASE, Comfort, Performance and Infinity series. Depending on the individual model, warranties offer up to lifetime coverage for heat exchangers and 10-year warranties on all other functional parts.

  • Carrier Air Conditioner Warranty

    For its residential central air conditioners, Carrier offers 10-year limited parts warranties for the original owner on the compressor and all functional parts on every model it sells, including BASE, Comfort, Performance and Infinity series. Optional labor warranties are also available.

  • Payne Furnace Warranty

    Payne offers limited warranties for gas furnaces that provide excellent protection for your investment. With 20-year parts warranties for heat exchangers and 10-year parts warranties for all other functional parts, you’re assured of quality.

  • Payne Air Conditioner Warranty

    Every Payne central air conditioning system includes a limited parts warranty that protects the original owner-occupant for 10 years against defects on the compressor and all functional components.

Full-Service Heating and Cooling Company in Minneapolis St. Paul, MN

Carrier AC Warranty MN As the heating and cooling contractor of choice in the Twin Cities, our optional 10-year parts and labor warranty on home comfort systems we supply and install is part of our commitment to every customer. In our 25+ years of sales and service in the Minneapolis St. Paul area, we’ve built our award-winning reputation by providing each of our more than 35,000 customers with quality in all areas. With our volume discounts, we offer the best pricing along with the best protection for your purchase.

Call us today to discuss your home heating and air conditioning requirements and to schedule a free, no-obligation in-home consultation and price estimate. Ask your consultant about our 10-year extended warranty and our top quality products and services.

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