Air Conditioner Repair and Service St. Louis Park MN

You all know that dreaded feeling of switching your AC on a blistering hot day, and the accompanying sounds, and lack of cool air, are all that are present. This is enough to drive you into fits of tear from frustration with yourself. Yes, your AC was working last summer, and you haven’t used it since then, however, you know that you should have booked that routine check up to ensure all was working before the boiling hot days arrived.  Chances are after standing idle so long, the sudden starting of the system has caused damage that only a professional technician can rectify.

Call Residential Heating and Air Conditioning for your air conditioner repair and service St. Louis Park MN.

Repairs – Robust and Reliable

The necessity of carrying out repairs on your AC are doubled if you haven’t been very strict on keeping to your maintenance program. There are minor wear and tear issues that a preventive maintenance would have identified and rectified before the need for repairs arose.

There is no use crying over spilt milk here, the repairs need to be done if you wish to continue enjoying the cool comfort your AC provides.

At Residential Heating and Air Conditioning we offer repairs that will most certainly prolong the life of your equipment, and put it back in almost new shape with ease. We use only top class materials, and branded equipment. The equipment we use is proven to operate with efficiency, and cost-effectiveness.

Our technicians are NATE certified, ensuring you that what you receive from us is definitely the best on offer in the industry.

Value Added Services

At Residential Heating and Air Conditioning we know how temperamental your AC can be, and that unfortunately they don’t always give in during business hours. In fact, they are more prone to pack up in the dead of night. We offer 24/7 emergency services for those times when you shouldn’t be left to suffer alone. We have someone waiting to take your call all day and night. We’ll offer you guidance or send out a technician if need be.

Our maintenance packages are extensive and cover almost every part of maintenance on your air conditioner. The price per package is really affordable considering what an unexpected breakdown could cost you, let alone how much losing your mind in the heat will set you back.

Call Residential Heating and Air Conditioning today for air conditioner repair and service St. Louis Park MN. We’ll bring your damaged unit back to life, and keep it going for years to come. (612) 724 1899.