Give Your AC A Better Life By Avoiding These Mistakes

Residential Heating And Air conditioning

Whether you just had an air conditioner repair and service Minneapolis MN or if you just installed a new unit at home, most users fall into these little traps and mistakes that only deteriorate the state of your system.

Avoid these common mistakes and grant your AC unit a better and longer life while also enjoying the wonders of Summer in the comfort of your home.

Don’t Abuse Your AC

As hot as it might be during Summer, you should never abuse your AC. Doing so will only deteriorate its state and compromise its performance by using a lot more energy and eventually making it necessary for you to get an air conditioner repair and service Minneapolis MN.

When leaving your house you can turn the thermostat up to avoid a waste of energy. It might not be as pleasant when you come back, but you’re helping your AC, your bills, and your home by being more energy efficient.

Forgetting About Your AC

Turning your unit off and completely forgetting about it might be something you plan to do once the temperatures start to drop again. However, in order to avoid needing an air conditioner repair and service Minneapolis MN in the future, we recommend using the unit for at least a couple minutes every now and then, even if it’s not necessary.

Regular random test-runs will guarantee that mold nor mildew develops within the unit, while also stopping dust and debris from building up inside. Even if you’re going to be away for a while, you can use a Wi-Fi thermostat to graduate and adjust the temperature in order to keep the unit fit as a muscle.

Making Your Thermostat Struggle

Setting the temperature much lower than what you actually want, might seem like a good idea in terms of how fast the area cools off. However, what it will actually do is to make your AC work harder, spending more energy and decreasing its life expectancy.

The temperature might go lower much faster, but on the other hand, it won’t reach that desired level you want and you will be forced to turn it up again. This will make the whole system work twice as hard just to save some seconds, which will end up being quite expensive once the bills go up.

Don’t Forget About The Fans

Any kind of fans you might have at home will prove extremely helpful since they not only consume a lot less energy than your AC, but they will also lighten up its work. Fans help the air to stay fresh and circulate throughout the house without much effort. This means more free time for your air conditioner and less energy spent, which also means lower bills.

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