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Residential Heating and Air is a family owned business. We are experts in repairing and installing Residential & Commercial Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning. If you weren't feeling well, what kind of advice would you expect from your doctor? Probably something like:"Get plenty of rest, and just take it easy for a while." Well, in our own way, Residential Heating & Air is here to help you get plenty of high quality rest, too. In fact, we're more than capable of helping you and your family feel your best, 24/7.

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Every summer, we see our temperatures go above 90 or even 100 for many days. High humidity makes summer conditions even more unpleasant. Adequate, efficient home cooling is a must for homes in the Twin Cities metro.
Like all systems in your Twin Cities home, your forced-air gas heating system is a complex, important part of your life. Keeping it running smoothly, efficiently, and reliably, is a job that you can trust our Twin Cities heating company with. Without proper regular maintenance and service, your furnace and its associated equipment can’t provide the dependable comfort you need in Minnesota’s harsh climate.
Many older homes in the Minneapolis St. Paul Metro area date back to an earlier era. Some of these homes are heated with steam or hot water, using a boiler in the basement as a heat source and radiators or other systems in the living areas. Replacing steam or hot water heating is an update that many homeowners think about, especially when the current equipment needs to be upgraded.
For most Minnesota homeowners, air conditioning is a fairly simple matter. An outside compressor unit, working in conjunction with the home’s furnace and air ducts, provides cool air to every room. Many homeowners, however, have hot water boiler or other radiant heating that doesn’t include central air ducts. Others have homes that don’t lend themselves to installation of air duct systems. In the past, they have relied on noisy, bulky window air conditioning units installed in every room that needed cooling.
The air ducts in your home are the key to even distribution of heat and cool air from your heating, ventilation, and air conditioning system. If there’s a problem in the design or condition of your HVAC ductwork, your furnace and its associated components can’t do their job properly. For most Twin Cities homes, the air duct system is rarely thought about, but it’s crucial to your home comfort.

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  • Both technicians (Randy and Grant) were polite and knowledgable. They arrived ahead of schedule, were efficient in their work and kept me informed throughout the whole process. A breath of fresh air after having other repair people to our new home.

    - Alexander K

  • We just had residential heating and air out for our duct cleaning. Was very impressed with the 2 service people doing the job. Very informative and thorough with their work. I really felt our ducts were thoroughly cleaned and cleaned up after completing.

    - Gary & Nancy Grother


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