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Octopus Furnace Removal and Replacement in Minneapolis and St. Paul

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Remove Octopus Furnace Minneapolis The octopus or gravity furnaces found in many older homes in the Minneapolis St. Paul area have long ago outlived their useful life. While they served their purpose when they were first installed, modern forced-air home-heating technology has seen dramatic improvement over the last 20 years. If you’re tired of seeing your energy bill rising constantly due to the low fuel efficiency of your gravity furnace, want improved safety, and better home comfort, replacing that old money-waster now will bring the results you want immediately. As the most reliable full-service heating contractor in Minnesota, we specialize in octopus furnace removal and replacement, and has the expertise and experience you need to get the job done right.

6 Reasons to Replace Your Gravity or Octopus Furnace

Replace Octopus Furnace MN Over the past 20 years, we have replaced over 1,000 octopus heaters for homeowners in Minneapolis St. Paul. Here are some of the reasons why our customers decided to have this job done.

  • Save on Monthly Fuel Costs – All existing gravity furnaces operate at less than 50% efficiency, sending your hard-earned dollars right up the chimney.
  • Eliminate Unsafe Materials – The insulation materials of these obsolete heating systems contain asbestos. Removing these potentially hazardous materials from your home will contribute to a healthier environment for you and your family.
  • Add Central Air Conditioning – It is impossible to have whole-house central air conditioner installed with your old ductwork. Improve home comfort with a new air conditioning system.
  • Improve Air Quality – You cannot filter or humidify air with an octopus furnace. Your new forced-air heating system will help your family breathe easier and avoid allergens.
  • Regain Lost Space – A gravity furnace and their octopus-like ductwork take up a large amount of space in your basement. Removing it substantially increases usable square footage in your home.
  • Increase Home Value – Updating to modern heating and cooling equipment increases the value and salability of your home.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What happens to my old gravity furnace?

    First, a licensed abatement contractor selected by our Minnesota heating company seals off the entire work area. He removes asbestos or any hazardous materials. Then the old furnace and 100% of the existing ductwork are removed. The whole basement is cleaned professionally. The air quality is tested after the project is complete, according to state regulations. Now your home is ready for a new, modern furnace and ductwork.

  • Do you have to cut holes in my floors?

    It is rare that a hole must be cut. However, our home comfort adviser may recommend a floor register be added to eliminate a cold spot in your home. Our technicians will discuss decisions like these with you before taking action.

  • Do I need to get a permit?

    As a leading Twin Cities heating service contractor, we are licensed, bonded and insured, and provide mechanical permits on all of its installations. City inspectors will inspect the work when the job is complete. This gives you confidence that the job was done correctly and safely.

  • How long does the replacement work take?

    The average installation takes no more than a week from start to finish.

  • How long will I be without heat?

    At most, you will be without heat for 6-8 hours. Even in 20-below weather, the average home only loses 1 degree per hour without heat. This affords ample time year round to perform these installations.

  • Can I install a high-efficiency furnace in my 100-year-old home?

    Absolutely. The older your home is, the greater the urgency to upgrade your heating system.

  • Are the new furnaces noisy?

    Not at all. We install the quietest furnaces by Carrier, the leading manufacturer of residential heating and AC equipment, and your new ductwork is designed with noise reduction in mind.

  • What is the cost of octopus furnace removal or replacement?

    There are many variables that affect the cost of an installation: size of home, age of home, equipment selection, addition of an air filter and humidifier, heat loss and heat gain of home, existing electrical service, and gas service to home. As you can see with so many issues, it is important to have an in-house consultation from our full-service heating company. We’ll evaluate your home, discuss your options, and provide an accurate total cost estimate.

  • Do you offer financing?

    Yes. In addition to accepting Visa and Master Card, we also offer financing with no payments for up to 18 months.

Minnesota Most Trusted Heating Contractor for Octopus Furnace Removal

Octopus Furnace Replacement Cost Not all Minneapolis St. Paul HVAC contractors are interested in gravity furnace replacement jobs, and few have the long experience and expertise you’ll find at our award-winning locally owned company. We’ve done 1,000+ of these replacements for Twin Cities homeowners, and have the experience and skills needed to do them correctly. If you’re interested in replacing your energy-wasting, inefficient gravity heater, call us today. One of our home comfort experts will be glad to evaluate your home and provide the information you need with no obligation. If you choose us to replace your furnace, our experienced crews will take care of every detail efficiently and professionally.