Save Energy and Money with AC Maintenance

air conditioner maintenance service in Minnetonka, MN

Every homeowner knows deep down maintenance matters and when you consider that your air system is going to be one of the biggest home investments you’re ever going to make, it’s important you find a trusted local company that offer a full air conditioner maintenance service in Minnetonka, MN.

At Residential, we want to ensure your AC stays in great shape so you can really reap the benefits of a comfortable home for the fraction of the cost. I bet you’ve never really thought about how much energy your air system uses have you? We all just pay our bills and get it over with! Even if your bills don’t seem that high they obviously rise during the warmer months and if you get professional air conditioner maintenance you’ll be sure to end up with a reasonable amount of money to do with as you wish. To help you see the benefits of a fully functional air conditioner we’ve highlighted how the occasional tune up can take you further than you think.

Reduce the Need for AC At Home

Your air system uses the most energy when it’s under pressure, it doesn’t matter whether you’re using it for a few hours or all day long if your unit is showing signs of stress, getting out any cool air at all is a tall order. When dirt and debris are lodged in the filters it may have to bypass the function altogether, which sends a constant stream of extra heat straight through to the evaporator and coils. To cut through the jargon, this means that your air conditioner is automatically using more energy just to function before it even gets to cool the air itself.

In older AC products you could be using up to a whopping 20% more energy than necessary. With the average home in Minnetonka producing around 2 tons of carbon dioxide a year. Our air conditioner maintenance service in Minnetonka, MN addresses more than the product itself, the vents, seals, and location all contribute to excess heat your home. If necessary solutions and reconfiguration can be done to reduce energy usage.

air conditioner maintenance service in Minnetonka MN

Checking the Parts

If the integral parts of your air conditioner are under functioning you’re not only throwing money away but also your home will likely feel warm or uncomfortable even when the unit. The evaporator plays a key role as it not only helps with air circulation but also removes moisture.

When your technician checks your evaporator during your air conditioner maintenance service in Minnetonka, MN he’ll be able to tell if it’s working properly based on how your system runs and the level of output you’re getting. With less moisture being carried through the air, you have a cooler environment instantly even at lower temperatures so you can save more and use less! Call us on 612-724-1899 today to get more from your AC.