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Gravity Furnace Replacement – Minneapolis St. Paul, MN

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Furnace Replacement MN The Minneapolis St. Paul metro area is full of fascinating older homes, and many home buyers seek these homes out for their charm, architecture and other features. In many homes built before 1950, though, heating is provided by a gravity furnace. Also called octopus furnaces, these space-eating, inefficient home-heating systems are a real drawback for older houses. Incompatible with central air conditioning, their ductwork systems take up a large amount of space and the systems are very inefficient, usually using less than 50% of the fuel they consume to heat the home. Worst of all, almost all of these gravity furnaces have asbestos insulation, posing a health threat.

Gravity Furnace Replacement Contractor Residential Heating and Air Conditioning did a fantastic job from start to finish! The removal of my 100-year old asbestos gravity furnace was something I kept putting off, but they talked me through the process before they began and answered all my questions. They came in and finished the job efficiently and thoroughly, at the exact price they quoted me. My new furnace is much more energy efficient and it takes up about 1/4 of the area my old furnace did. With the asbestos risk gone, I feel much more comfortable in my home. They are a great local company that does a great job for a great price. – G.E., Minneapolis, MN

The slide show above shows the steps required for the removal and installation job. Replacing an old gravity heating system with a modern, high-efficiency furnace and adding modern central air conditioning is almost essential in these homes. It’s a challenging job, and many Minnesota HVAC contractors don’t want anything to do with such a complicated project. Our heating company welcomes such conversions of gravity furnace heating to central forced-air heating, and has replaced 1,000+ of gravity furnaces for Twin Cities homeowners. We take pride in our ability to provide older homes with efficient, safe, reliable heating and air conditioning systems, giving owners year-round comfort, along with more room.

Six Steps to Replace an Octopus Furnace with Central Heating & Air Conditioning

MN Octopus Furnace Removal Minneapolis A typical gravity furnace system replacement takes about a week, but you only lose heat for a few hours. Since homes lose only about 1 degree per hour in the coldest weather, you won’t have to worry. Each stage of the replacement is carefully planned to make the job go smoothly and without problems.

  • Permit Requirements – After contracting with you to replace your old, inefficient octopus heating system and planning the job, we obtain all necessary permits and schedule all needed inspections.
  • Asbestos Removal – A licensed asbestos abatement contractor will remove all asbestos following environmentally safe procedures. Areas being worked on will be sealed and testing after the process will make certain all harmful asbestos is gone.
  • MN Octopus Furnace Replacement Gravity Furnace Removal – Everything connected with your old gravity furnace will be dismantled and removed, including the space-wasting old ductwork.
  • Ductwork Installation – We install all new air ducts for your new heating and air conditioning system, routing it carefully and neatly. Most of the fabrication of the new ductwork will be done in advance, so everything is ready to go after the gravity furnace is removed. In most cases, the new ductwork will connect to your existing registers, minimizing changes in your living spaces. Where needed, we’ll add new floor registers.
  • New Installation – We’ll install your new high-efficiency furnace quickly. Typically, you’ll only be without heat for a few hours. Careful planning makes the job go smoothly and without problems. If you’ve chosen to add central air conditioning, that installation takes place at the same time.
  • Finish Work – Once all installation is complete, our installation crew will completely remove all debris and clean up the work area so not a speck of the mess created is left.

If you have a gravity or octopus furnace in your basement, now is a good time to have it removed safely and install a high-efficiency furnace. Like most Minneapolis St. Paul homeowners who we have helped, you’d like to find out the cost of removing the gravity furnace. We will happy to arrange an in-home evaluation and provide you a free estimate of how much it costs to replace your octopus furnace with a new forced-air system. We will also inform you about current discounts and rebates that may help you lower the cost of replacing your gravity furnace.

Affordable Gravity Furnace Replacement for Minnesota Homes

As one of the few HVAC contractors in Minneapolis St. Paul that actively seeks gravity furnace replacement jobs, we’ve replaced over 1,000 of these inefficient heating systems in our two decades of serving the area. Our experience, planning, and expertise in this complex job mean that your life will be disrupted as little as possible during the replacement. You’ll begin enjoying the comfort of your new system before you know it. Contact us today for a free, no-obligation evaluation of your gravity furnace replacement project. Let us show you how we can turn the job into a money-saving opportunity for you.