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80% AFUE Furnace Installation:

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80% AFUE Furnace Installation in Minneapolis & St. Paul, MN Residential heating technology has seen dramatic advancements during the past decade. For many years, gas furnaces with an AFUE efficiency rating of 80% have been the standard type installed in most Twin Cities homes. Today, higher efficiency models with 95% and higher AFUE ratings are becoming more and more popular because of the long-term energy savings. The HVAC professionals at our Twin Cities locally owned and operated heating and air conditioning company, though, are still busy installing Carrier and Payne 80% AFUE rated furnaces in homes throughout the Minneapolis St. Paul metro area. Property owners choose these affordable products, rather than higher efficiency ones for a wide range of reasons, including:

  • Lower Initial Price

    80% AFUE furnaces use only one heat exchanger, rather than the two used in high-efficiency models. That makes them less expensive. When budget considerations are a high priority, many homeowners choose these economically priced products to keep initial costs under control. We always work with each customer to find the ideal match that suits that customer’s requirement and budget.

  • Simpler Installation

    Since installation makes up a substantial part of the total cost, buying a new furnace that requires the least amount of labor can also reduce cost. In most cases, the existing air duct system is compatible with an 80% model, eliminating the needs to changing the ductwork. You benefit with a lower total price.

  • Rental Properties

    For real estate investors, keeping the overhead low for their rental properties is a key consideration. By going with 80% efficiency, you keep the cost down to the minimum, while restoring reliable heating for your tenant quickly and efficiently.

Choose from a Wide Range of 80% AFUE Models

As the leading Carrier Factory Authorized Dealer in the Minneapolis St. Paul area, we can quickly supply exactly the right furnace for your property from our extensive stock or directly from our supplier. Depending on your installation requirements and budget, one of the following Carrier or related Payne models will be an ideal choice.

  • Carrier Base 80% AFUE Furnaces

    At rock bottom pricing, but with legendary engineering and quality, a 58STA and 58STX model may be the ideal choice for your home. You’ll enjoy a great low price, and can count on outstanding comfort for years to come.

  • Carrier Comfort 80% Furnaces

    The 58DLA and 58DLX models offer quiet performance at a price that lets homeowners and real estate investors have Carrier quality on a tight budget. With capacities to match almost any home, there’s a Comfort 80% AFUE model that’s ideal.

  • Carrier Performance 80% AFUE Furnaces

    A step up from lower priced model lines, Performance 58CTA, 58CTX, 58PHA, and 58PHX offer outstanding value in a range of models to match almost any installation with low purchase costs. Let us show you how much you can save by selecting one of these reliable products.

  • Carrier Infinity 80% Rated Furnaces

    If you want a top-of-the-line model, but need to replace your old furnace at the lowest possible total cost, choose a flexible Model 58CVA model that matches your configuration. You get outstanding state-of-the-art controls, quiet operation and outstanding warranty and performance.

  • Payne 80% Efficiency Furnaces

    Payne is a trusted member of the Carrier company family. The PG8MAA, PG8MEA and PG8MVA models are great choices at a great low initial price and can be installed quickly. We’ll be happy to show you a model that is a perfect match for your home and budget.

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Serving as the top-rated home heating and cooling contractor for over 20 years, we have supplied our customers with top-quality products, installed by factory-trained technicians. Our 35,000 satisfied customers attest to our attention to their specific heating needs. If you need the money saving, practical qualities of an efficient, affordable 80% AFUE model from a leading manufacturer to replace your aging system, call us today. We have the specific model you need in stock or immediately available and we are ready to install an affordable replacement for you. Ask for for a free, no-obligation consultation at your home. Let us show you how much you can save.

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