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Asbestos Removal in Minneapolis, MN

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Asbestos is a significant health hazard often found in older homes. This insulating material was banned in homes in 1989 because of the health complications it can cause, but it isn’t easy to remove it from a house. Residential Heating and Air Conditioning can provide you with the asbestos removal for your older home in Minneapolis, MN that will put you at ease.

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We want you to enjoy living in your vintage home without concern about asbestos, and our trained specialists can see that this is the case. We have more than 30 years of experience serving local homeowners, and customer satisfaction is our #1 priority on every job.

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The Health Risks of Asbestos

Asbestos is a mineral material that was used for insulation for many decades until the health risks it posed were discovered in the mid–20th century. The small mineral fibers of asbestos can become part of the household dust and inhaled by residents. Over a long period, asbestos in the lungs can create a variety of respiratory illness, including mesothelioma, a dangerous form of lung cancer. Asbestos is no longer used as insulation, but removal of the remaining asbestos in a home requires specialists using the proper equipment to stop additional contamination.

Charming older homes dating back to the 19th century are found in many Twin Cities neighborhoods. Few people realize that these refurbished older homes can contain a major asbestos hazard in the gravity (or octopus) furnaces that are still in place. The asbestos insulation in and around gravity furnaces can decay and allow harmful particles into the rest of the house.

To remove asbestos during a furnace replacement requires trained specialists who will completely eliminate this hazardous material.

We Replace Gravity Furnaces and Remove Asbestos

If your home has an old gravity or octopus furnace—i.e. a furnace that doesn’t use a fan to spread heat but lets it move by rising and falling—it may contain asbestos insulation. Our technicians specialize in removing these old furnaces and replacing them with newer models. Replacing gravity furnaces is not only important to remove asbestos, but improve energy efficiency. Old octopus furnaces are 50% less efficient than current models, which can put a huge dent in a household budget considering rising fuel costs.

When you arrange for a gravity furnace removal with us, our team will seal off the work area to prevent the spread of asbestos material to the rest of the house. They then remove all hazardous insulation material and thoroughly clean the area to ensure all the asbestos has been removed. Once they have completely and safely removed the hazardous material, they’ll start the work of changing your antiquated heating system into a modern, high–efficiency furnace.

A Trusted Gravity Furnace Replacement Contractor in Minneapolis, MN

Gravity furnace replacement is a difficult job, and most heating contractors will not handle it. Residential Heating and Air Conditioning, on the other hand, has a dedicated crew who do gravity furnace replacements on a weekly basis. The asbestos abatement is a technical and necessary part of the replacement process, and you can count on our licensed contractors to ensure all steps are done correctly.

Call us today to schedule replacing your old octopus furnace with an efficient forced–air heating system. We offer a free, no–obligation consultation in your home. You’ll see why our experience, care, and training make us the top choice for this service.

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