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Serving The Twin Cities Since 1991


Humidifiers and Dehumidifiers in Minneapolis, MN

Finding the right comfort in a house requires not only temperature control, but humidity control as well. In Minneapolis, MN we often deal with extremely dry winters and overly humid summers. Furnaces, boilers, and air conditioners aren’t equipped specifically to handle these conditions, so if you want the best humidity control in your house, we recommend professional installation of a whole-house humidifier and/or whole house dehumidifier.

Our indoor air quality professionals at Residential Heating and Air Conditioning provide full service for the best humidifier and dehumidifier performance. We can install new systems and provide any humidifier or dehumidifier repair you need to keep your home comfortable. Our technicians aim to deliver the highest quality in service—it’s guaranteed!

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The Benefit of a Whole–House Humidifier

Our cold winters mean much of the humidity in the air is frozen into snow and ice. These dry conditions add a sharp edge to the cold because heat escapes from bodies much easier. Dry air creates additional problems: it makes it easier for illnesses to spread; creates itchy dry skin, eyes, nose, and mouths; and can cause damage to wooden and painted surfaces.

The best humidifier to deal with the problem isn’t a portable one. These units have limited reach. Our HVAC technicians can integrate a whole–house humidifier into your ventilation system, controllable through the thermostat. We install quality AprilAire humidifiers, and also offer AprilAire humidifier pads.

A Whole–House Dehumidifier for Summer

The humidity of Minnesota summer can make what’s supposed to be a pleasant heat into a brutal one. As relative humidity levels rise above 60%, the increased moisture prevents bodies from expelling heat through perspiration. This is why the temperature on humid days can feel around 8° to 10°F hotter. Humidity inside a home also encourages mold and mildew growth and creates water damage on surfaces.

Although air conditioners have some dehumidification properties, that’s not what they’re designed for and they’ll quickly become overwhelmed. The best dehumidifier product for a home is a whole–house unit, which provides balanced relative humidity that won’t get too dry. The dehumidifier uses refrigerant to pull moisture from the air, and then reheats the cooled air so it won’t interfere with the operation of the AC.

The Best Dehumidifier and Humidifier Service in Minneapolis, MN

We want to stress the importance of balanced humidity, which is a relative humidity level between 30% and 50%. The power of whole–house humidity solutions helps ensure that a home has the ideal relative humidity level (45% is about right for most people). Only professional installers can see that the humidifier and dehumidifier in your HVAC system can balance the air for the right level for comfort, health, and the protection of furnishings.

Once you have your humidity controls in place, you can turn to Residential Heating and Air Conditioning any time for services such as dehumidifier repair or humidifier maintenance. We always strive to see you are 100% satisfied with any job we do, so whether you’re arranging for new installations or repairs in Minneapolis, MN.

Call us for service and you’ll feel the difference!