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Serving The Twin Cities Since 1991

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Serving The Twin Cities Since 1991



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Steve Gfrerer, This year
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Rodney Gerner, This year
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Nick Farness, This year

They were great. Arrived when they said they would be here. Got my ducts all cleaned out before I had them install a new furnace/AC and thermostat. Everything looks very professional. Plus they were BY FAR the cheapest quote we got. Dave helped us get the ball rolling and was awesome. Would highly recommend.

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Bill Heine, This year

Recently my air conditioning went out. Passive user. Called the people who installed my furnace. Came and diagnosed in short order. Come to find out it was a simple fix. I can always and will always trust that they will be upfront and honest and I will take there advice. Not like other contractors will say your ac is bad charge you and use unit on there next house. Trust is most important especially with there experience and expertise. Actually they also replaced furnace one winter when mine went out. Recommended to me to add some inlets and outlets and trusted there advice and had them done. House heats and cools just fine. Thank you. Appreciate your staff and the job they do.
Also remember when old furnace had to be replaced. Heat exchanger corroded out which is common on old furnaces. They have the expertise to know that ac and furnace need to communicate and they were able to locate a thermostat that would allow two different manufactured units to communicate and work properly. Thank you!

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Michael Fleming, This year

We hired Residential to install our new system a couple years ago, which went great. Since then a few minor service calls and an annual checkup, as well as prompt service to deliver replacement filters. The team is always polite and meets its promises on showing up.

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Kelli Damiani, This year

Prompt service , knowledgeable, and went above and beyond! Will be continuing our relationship with this company!!!

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Nathan Plasch, This year

My experience was nothing less than fantastic. Dave was professional - answered all my questions - was on time and his team installed a new ductless system and it works perfect and we would highly recommend Dave and Residential Heating and air!

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CEC Johnson, This year

The service repair man was Awesome!
I will keep doing business you,
and I will tell other's about you.
Thank you so very much.
Mark Johnson

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Helen Ong, This year


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Tom McDougall, This year