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Serving The Twin Cities Since 1991

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Serving The Twin Cities Since 1991



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Dione Kallstrom, This year


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Christine Minor, This year

Residential has always treated our company and our rental property customers professionally and I recently had a great experience with an issue in my own home. The technician Cesar was on time and professional and Renee back in the office went above and beyond to research warranty information on a part needing replacement. The owners and staff take time to be as helpful as possible and I highly recommend them for all HVAC needs.

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Rank On Top, This year

Great group of people that do great quality workmanship. They have been around for over 20 years. They do the job right.

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Matt C, This year
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Mehanthi Balaraman, This year

We had an issue with a plugged secondary heat exchanger on our furnace when we were out of town this winter. I contacted Chris K after Centerpoint Energy shut off the gas due to high levels of carbon monoxide being blown outside the house. He offered to stop over and assess the situation himself. His candor about what was needed and what wasn't allowed us to make an informed decision. To prevent our pipes from freezing, Chris also set up a space heater by the water main until the new furnace could be installed the next day. He coordinated it all with our neighbors, and his professionalism and reassurance provided much needed peace of mind that our home was in very capable hands while we were away. We'd highly recommend Chris and his team!

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Karla Kauffman, This year

I'm really pleased with my new furnace, AC and mini-split. Dave was very knowledgeable and helpful throughout the sales process, the equipment is great, and the installers were capable and professional. We had a problem after-the-fact with an unsealed gap in the wall around the mini-split conduit, but owner Chris Kallstrom personally followed up to make things right. Even though it wasn't perfectly flawless, I appreciate the care and the integrity.

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Michaela Ahern, This year

The blower went out in our furnace and a tech was able to come out the next morning. Very professional and courteous service, from the person scheduling the appointments to the tech who performed the work. Our furnace was installed by Residential and has required very little maintenance. Very happy with our experiences with this company!

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Ashley Bachler, This year

As a company that does residenital home remodeling and rehabbing, we have used Residential for the last 10 years on multiple properties. Their service beats other vendors hands down, their pricing is competitive and fair and they will always stand behind their work. If you want quick and reliable installs, Residential is the place to go!

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Svetlana Dropps, This year

Ceasar was so professional and helpful. He arrived on time, took the effort to make sure the service was done correctly! Very helpful and knowledgeable!

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dweeb 44, This year

Great service. Friendly staff. Knowledgeable installers. Recommend this place to everyone