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Serving The Twin Cities Since 1991

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Serving The Twin Cities Since 1991



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Miguel Trinidad, This year

Residential Heating did a great job for us recently by replacing our old AC unit with a new one. Everything was done in a timely manner, from the installers, crane operator and electricians. They also cleaned up after themselves. I do recommend this company.

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Catherine Dales, This year

I contacted Chris, the owner about our AC not working on a 98 degree day. Our home temp read 84 degrees inside! Chris was over within a half hour and our system was up and running in no time! He is so thorough, trustworthy and extremely knowledgeable. I won't use any one else for my heating and AC systems. 5 STARS ~Catherine and Mike Dales

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Jason Knudsen, This year

I had old furnaces & ductwork completely removed and replaced with new furnaces & central air. Large week-long project. Very thorough professional crew who went the extra mile to ensure that necessary preparations were made and the process & objectives were explained & clearly understood; flexible with scheduling; the installation went smoothly, and they were more than willing to explain & share details along the way; they put extra effort into cleaning & preparing the home's (very) old ducts & boots when connecting the new ductwork; friendly, professional, and hard-working staff. Definitely recommend and would use them again.

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MinnasotaMitch, This year
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Bill Hood, This year
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Nathan Maanum, This year

Very professional. Great experience. Equipment is very quiet.

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Terry Wu, This year
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Matt Maanum, This year
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Chris Engstrom, This year

The service is superb. The attention to our safety and health was unmatched by any other service company. I highly recommend them for you HVAC needs.

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Bennet Crow, This year

I would highly recommend Residential Heating and Air! On Valentines Day when the temperature was 40 below zero wind chill, I woke up to my house at a a chilly temperature of 26°. I called and within 15 minutes, Chris, the owner, called back and was there an hour later. He said the furnace went out, and was able to install a new one by himself. Talk about costumer service! Three hours later I had heat!! I have used Residential Heating and Air for 20 years and would give them an A+ Thanks again!