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Serving The Twin Cities Since 1991

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Serving The Twin Cities Since 1991



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Scott DeLong, This year
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Traci Colwell, This year
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Lena Oyanagi, This year

As relatively new homeowners, we appreciate the tips and time the techs have given us. Thorough and well-priced, we recommend Residential Heating & Air!

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K Thomsen, This year

I have used residential heating and air for years now. Having used someone prior that made a mess of my hvac... I'm happy to have someone who does good work at a fair price. I don't feel the need to price things out with them, and they have always treated me professionally, fairly, and they've done good work. They came to me on a reference of a good friend who owns apartments, and it was a great recommendation!

I'm going to add to this review 3 years later, and say what an awesome company they are to work with. Chris & Renee are the best! Couldn't recommend them more.

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Janie Peterson, This year

Talk about fast! We were so thankful Residential Heating and Air answered the call. We went from panic to peace thanks to their professionalism and punctuality. We recommend the entire team. Come back into our home anytime-- the furnace works great!

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Jerry B, Last year

Jarrod and Tony came out for a small, 3 vent job, at our house. Even on something small like this they really took the time to find a solution that worked for us. They know their stuff, showed up exactly when they said they would and got it done. It's hard to find good people these days and we were glad to have them. 10/10 would recommend and hire again.

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Mark Mahowald, Last year

This is customer service that I will use again! Caesar (service tech) came out to clear out 3 mice that entered my exhaust pipe of my furnace. 1 was dead and 2 still alive. One escaped from the fan system due to my stupidity, and Caesar helped me recover the escaped mouse when he could have very easily said, sir, the loose mouse is your problem! But he did not. He helped me search high and low, he found the mouse and resolved the issue completely. Thank you, Caesar, and thank you Residential Heating! You guys have not disappointed..

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Dawn Elder, Last year

We had a furnace installed in September and were offered a duct cleaning. Today we had the duct cleaning completed by Nate. He was on time, courtesy, professional and did a great job! Thank you

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Barbara Gilliand, Last year

I would definitely hire this company again for duct cleaning. The service person Nate did a very thorough job with the Roto duct clean and an excellent job of cleaning up afterward. He was also a polite and friendly.

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Brad Ervin, Last year

I just had a new furnace, a/c, and hot water heater installed at my home.
Really enjoyed working with them.
The pricing was really fair and they showed up when they said they
would. They left the place spotless. Couldn't even tell that they had
been there. Would highly recommend.