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Serving The Twin Cities Since 1991

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Serving The Twin Cities Since 1991


Radiant Heating Systems in Minneapolis, MN

Radiant heating systems are a great option if you’re looking to heat your home in Minneapolis, MN. We have cold winters in our area. The days of frolicking outside in the sun at games at Target Field, exercising at the Grand Rounds Scenic Byway, or shopping Uptown are few and far between during winter. You can trust us with your radiant heating needs in the Minneapolis and Twin Cities metro area. We boast the following:

  • Over 100,000 customers
  • A+ rating with the BBB
  • In Business Since 1991
  • Carrier Factory Authorized Dealer
  • Free, no-obligation consultation

We don’t limit our experts to one area of Minneapolis. You can also find us in the neighborhoods of Linden Hills, Downtown East, Ericsson, North Loop, Uptown, as well as the Minnehaha Falls and Lake Nokomis area. Contact us for radiant heating services in Minneapolis.

Call us for service and you’ll feel the difference!

The Benefits of Radiant Heating Systems

Radiant heating works by circulating water heated in a boiler to terminal points around the house. These points might be old cast iron radiators, but newer systems have more attractive and effective options such as baseboard heaters and in–floor heating. The terminal points heat up and then radiate warmth into the room, heating people and objects in it. There are a number of advantages to using this type of heating over forced–air heating:

  • Efficiency: Because water is a more effective heat transference medium than air, a radiant heater consumes less energy on average than a furnace.
  • Even Heating: Furnaces and other forced–air heaters send their heated air into rooms where it first gathers at the ceiling. A radiant heater distributes heat evenly through a space, delivering warmth faster and avoiding cold spots.
  • Longevity: Thanks to its small amount of moving parts, a radiant heater wears down slowly and should last years longer than a furnace.
  • Cleaner Air: A forced–air heater stirs up dust and lint and other pollutants as it sends air through ductwork. A radiant heater doesn’t move air around at all and has no ducts, which helps with better indoor air quality.

We Repair and Maintain Radiant Heating Systems

No radiant heating system will provide a home with all these benefits if it isn’t kept in peak working condition. We recommend routine maintenance with our technicians each year: they’ll carefully inspect the system, clean it, and make adjustments and whatever small fixes are necessary. If there is larger work that needs to be done, the technicians will tell you so you can schedule repairs before the cold weather arrives. You can also depend on our experienced and licensed team for repairs when they occur. You won’t have to worry about keeping your radiant heating system running when you can turn to us.

The Dependable Radiant Heating Contractor in Minneapolis, MN

Since we started in business in 1991, we’ve grown to have a list of over 100,000 satisfied customers. We’re proud of the many customer ratings organization awards we’ve received and our A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau. It’s our goal to see that our customers receive the finest quality service, no matter the job. Let us take care of your radiant heating system—from selecting the right system to routine maintenance—and we’ll strive to see you’re happy with the results.

Residential Heating and Air Conditioning is a full service heating contractor serving Minneapolis, MN and the entire Twin Cities Metro Area. We install, repair, and maintain a variety of radiant heating systems, including in-floor models. We can help find the ideal radiant heater to put into your house, or we can take care of any repair or other services you need for your current one. You can count on our more than 25 years of history helping to keep homes warm.

Call us for service and you’ll feel the difference!