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Serving The Twin Cities Since 1991


Ductwork Services in Minneapolis, MN

When it comes to your home comfort, you’re probably focused on the air conditioner and the heater. But the ventilation system connected to the AC and furnace in a house is as vital to ensuring a home is comfortable around the year. Ducts that are clogged up, poorly sized, or filled with air leaks will lead to numerous problems. Hot and cold spots, imbalanced humidity, and soaring utility bills are among the troubles that bad ductwork can cause.

Residential Heating and Air Conditioning is an HVAC contractor with more than 25 years of history in Minneapolis, MN and the Twin Cities Metro Area. We provide complete ductwork services to repair, replace, and clean your ducts. Arrange for duct testing with us and we’ll find out what you need for great HVAC performance.

Call us for service and you’ll feel the difference!

Duct Testing Finds Out the Condition of Your Ductwork

It’s not easy to see the interior of your home’s ducts, but you may detect signs of duct problems in other ways: a rise in heating and cooling costs, musty air from the vents, uneven comfort when the HVAC system is running, or rattling sounds in the ducts. To find out if you need to have duct services, the best route is to call us for duct testing. Using powerful vacuum technology, we can measure how fast air pressure inside the ventilation system drops. This will tell us if your ducts need work and the extent of the problem. Even if you don’t suspect ductwork issues, we recommend scheduling duct testing every few years.

Duct Sealing Fixes Air Leaks

The most common trouble with ducts is small air leaks. They’re difficult to notice at first, but overtime they add up to a large loss of heated and cooled air—up to 30% of the air moving through the ventilation system. This means paying far more to use your AC and heater. Sealing these leaks is more complicated than using duct tape (which isn’t even designed for use on ducts). It takes professionals with the best equipment available. Trust us to seal your ducts again so you don’t lose the air you pay to heat and cool.

We Offer Duct Repair

Do you need more extensive repair work on your ducts than sealing up small leaks? Ducts can become loose and disconnected, or they may suffer from damage during construction. The repair work necessary to fix problems of this size are far beyond what any amateur can offer, and that includes trying to do the work on your own. You can leave the job to us. We never do anything less than the best possible work, and we’ll do all we can to see you’re 100% satisfied with your repaired ductwork.

Arrange for Duct Replacement with Us in Minneapolis, MN

In some cases, the best way to solve trouble with ducts is to remove ones that were incorrectly sized to begin with and replace them. Unfortunately, badly installed ducts are a common occurrence. When you call Residential Heating and Air Conditioning for ductwork services, we’ll see if your home will benefit from duct replacement. Our trained and certified experts can ensure you receive the work your HVAC system needs. You only have to contact us in Minneapolis, MN.

Call us for service and you’ll feel the difference!