Air Conditioner Maintenance Service Minnetonka MN

Installing your air conditioner is one thing, however, making it last the distance is completely another. Even if your installation is pristine, the system won’t last if the regular corrective and preventive maintenance is not carried out. Maintenance service is your way or safeguarding yourself against unnecessary breakdowns and additional costs that you were not expecting. If you fail to carry out the regulate maintenance, which sometimes is unavoidable, you can’t expect your system to provide you with the cool comfort you are used to, and you certainly can’t be guaranteed that the air quality is going to of the highest quality.

Residential Heating and Air Conditioning have been providing air conditioner maintenance service Minnetonka MN for a little many years. In fact since 1991 we have been the leading service provider for heating and cooling in the area.

Maintenance Process

Our technicians are well-trained to carry out your air conditioner maintenance service Minnetonka MN. They have the skill, certification, experience, and expertise to thoroughly inspect your system and identify any problem areas, or possible problem areas.

We check everything. The electrical connections are checked and secured if necessary. The drainage pipes are cleared of any obstructions to prevent water flowing back into the unit and into your home through the vents. The filters are checked, cleaned, or changed depending on the condition. The vents, ducting, and entire unit are cleared of dust. The equipment is thoroughly checked for any visual defects, cracks, and flaws. Any possible problems are stopped in their tracks.

Residential Maintenance Specialists.

Call Residential Heating and Air conditioning today (612) 724 1899 for air conditioner maintenance service Minnetonka MN. When we are done, your system is good as new, and clean enough to provide you with the finest air quality you could hope for.