Air Conditioner Repair vs Replace Service in Minneapolis & St. Paul, MN

Air Conditioner Repair vs Replace Service in Minneapolis & St. Paul, MN and Surrounding Areas

Repair vs Replace a Central Air Conditioner – Minneapolis St. Paul, MN

Air Conditioner Repair vs ReplaceToday’s central air conditioners keep your home cool and comfortable in Minnesota’s hot, humid summers without a lot of attention. Annual cleaning and checkups are all you need to assure you of proper operation for many years, in most cases. Still, unexpected problems may occur without any warning. As a top-rated AC contractor, our experienced, factory-trained technicians are always on call to make repairs to all brands of central air conditioners, and are busy throughout the summer months. Air Conditioner Repair vs Replace:

Fix the Old or Buy the New

When repairs are needed, our customers often ask us whether it makes sense to fix the old equipment or whether they should think about replacing the whole system. That’s especially true when the repairs needed are major, like replacing a defective compressor in the outdoor unit. There’s no simple answer, but we always provide the facts our customers need to make the right decision for themselves. Asking the following questions can help you understand your options:

How Much Will the AC Repairs Cost?

As part of our expert service, we diagnose the problem with your central air conditioning system, using the latest diagnostic equipment. Once the problem is identified, we can provide an accurate cost estimate of labor and replacement parts. In most cases, the cost is very affordable, and we can get the job done on the spot. However, a defective compressor, damaged condenser or other issues can be very expensive. In many such cases, it makes more sense to replace the old unit with a brand new, efficient model.

How Old Is Your Current AC System?

The age of the existing air conditioner is an important factor. If it’s older than 10 years, parts may be difficult to obtain or be priced higher than expected. In addition, expensive repairs to a system that’s out of warranty or nearing the end of its expected life often make little economic sense. Our technicians can tell you the age of your AC and help you estimate how much longer you can expect it to last.

What Is the SEER Rating?

Air conditioning technology has improved greatly in recent years. Your existing system’s Seasonal Energy Efficiency Rating (SEER) may be much lower than with today’s models. What that means is that your equipment may not be using electricity as efficiently as a new one would. The result is higher energy bills. Our service technician can tell you the SEER rating of your equipment and help you compare that with more efficient replacement systems.

Repair or Replace? The Real Facts Help You Make the Right Decision

Air Conditioner Repair vs ReplaceAt our Minneapolis St. Paul residential air conditioning company, we sell, install and repair all major brands of central air conditioners, including Carrier, Payne, Lennox, Bryant, Rheem, Ruud, Trane, York, Daikin, Armstrong, Heil, Tempstar, American Standard, Coleman and Goodman brands. Our outstanding reputation for quality service is based on our policy of supplying our customers with accurate information without any high-pressure sales tactics. We’re always happy to make repairs and to answer our customer’s questions about every aspect of home cooling. We believe that giving you the best, most accurate information will help you make the best decisions. You can rely on us to give you the facts you need. The decisions are yours to make. Contact us today for air conditioner maintenance and repair by the best-trained HVAC technicians in the Twin Cities. If you need replacement, you can count on us for the best products, pricing, and installation services.

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