Air Conditioner Unit Air Quality: Is Your Air Conditioner Harming You?

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With winter drawing to an end heat and humidity will soon be leaving us grateful for the blessing of functional air conditioners. Some even go as far as to call their air conditioning unit’s life savers. Not many people realize that these same cooling systems we rely on can also cause us harm.

The harm we are talking about doesn’t just involve your budget. Recent studies illustrate that a large portion of the older models of air conditioner units as well as air conditioning units, which have not been properly maintained are the cause behind a diverse range of respiratory infections and can even spread diseases.

How Air Conditioner Units Can Cause Bodily Harm to You and You’re Family?

Now we know what you are thinking, there is no way my air conditioner can cause me harm, it just works off the recycled air. You are indeed correct. The only flaw is the ducts, which the air flows through as well as the filters responsible for cleaning the air.

This is the reason why it is important to ensure that the company responsible for installation understands safety precautions throughout the installation procedure, as well as to hire professionals to handle regulatory maintenance air conditioner maintenance and cleaning checks.

To further illustrate this think of a dirty filter. Similar to that of science experiments you may have done back in school when the filter is too dirty it no longer is able to clean the water that runs through it.

This is the same way in which an air conditioner filters work. Without regulatory maintenance and cleaning the filter, the filter will no longer be able to thoroughly filter out various allergens, pesticides, and other harmful organics.

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How to Ensure That Your Air Conditioner Is Functional and Not Harming You?

As bad as this all may sound there are ways to guarantee that you can use your air conditioner at your luxury this coming summer, without worrying about any health consequences regarding the quality of air distributed around the house.

The first thing to ensure that you do is to allow fresh air in the house every now and then. Do this through opening windows, this will help in flushing out any possible pollutants, which may have escaped the filter of your air conditioner.

The air conditioner unit always comes with manufacturer’s instructions regarding the self-cleaning processes for the unit. However, we do strongly recommend hiring a professional to come inspect your unit at least once a year.

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