Lower Air Conditioning Cost

Reduce Home Air Conditioning Cost in Minnesota

Programmable Thermostat If the high cost of keeping your Twin Cities home cool during our hot, humid summer months is getting you down, there are a number of ways you can get control over those costs and still stay comfortably cool. Having served the Minneapolis St. Paul metro area for over 20 years as a Minnesota locally owned heating and cooling contractor, we know that air conditioning is important to the comfort of all Minnesotans, and we understand that keeping the cost under control is a constant issue. In an average home, a large amount of energy is wasted on cooling houses when no one is home or when the indoor temperatures are set unnecessarily low. Also, outdated equipment uses much more energy than the latest high-efficiency models, costing more money over the long run. Here are some tips that can help you get a handle on high energy bills for home cooling:

  • Call for an Energy Audit

    Your local power company has low-cost energy audits available. During an energy audit your home will be checked for ways it loses heat and costs you money for both heating and cooling. These audits are very affordable, and the suggestions you get will show you ways to dramatically lower your energy bills. If you have inadequate insulation or a home that has serious air leaks, it costs you money whether you’re cooling or heating your home. Taking care of these issues can cut your energy bills and save money.

  • Have Your Central Air Conditioner Tuned Up and Cleaned

    Every spring, before the cooling season starts, call your AC service contractor for an air conditioner check-up and tune-up. Keeping your central air conditioning system operating at its best saves money and prevents costly system failures and repairs.

  • Keep Doors and Windows Closed

    In the heat of summer, traffic in and out of your home is constant. If a door or window is left open, your central air conditioner will try its best to cool the entire planet. That will raise your energy bills more than you can imagine. Get everyone to cultivate the habit of closing doors as they come and go, and big savings will be your reward.

  • Adjust the Temperature and Install a Programmable Thermostat

    If you raise the temperature of your home just a few degrees, you can have significant savings over time without compromising your comfort. Installing a programmable thermostat to follow your schedule properly, you avoid cooling your house when no one is home, especially during the hottest hours of the day.

  • Check and Replace Air Filters

    You need to change the air filters on your furnace during the cooling season, just as you do in the winter. A dirty filter blocks the air flow and cuts down on efficiency.

  • Keep Air Ducts Clean

    Dirty air ducts can interfere with proper air circulation, and that cuts down on cooling efficiency. If you haven’t had your air ducts cleaned for some time, contact our top-rated Air Duct Cleaning Service, a subsidiary of our award-winning residential heating and AC company. We can quickly and economically clean your air ducts and restore maximum air flow, while eliminated all sorts of contaminants circulating in your home.

  • Replace Inefficient Air Conditioners

    If your current central air conditioning system is getting older, odds are it can’t even come close to the high efficiency of today’s systems. Replacing an old, inefficient air conditioner with a high-efficiency model can cut your energy bills dramatically, while cooling your home even better than.

Minnesota AC Dealer and Service Contractor in Minneapolis St. Paul

If you would like to increase your home cooling efficiency by upgrading your central air conditioner, call us to schedule a free no-obligation estimate of the cost of new AC installation. As the leading Carrier Factory Authorized Dealer in Minnesota, we sell, install and service the full line of Carrier products, from the low-cost Base models to the high-efficiency Infinity models. Through volume purchasing, we receive deep discounts from our suppliers and we pass the savings on to our valued customers. Through Carrier financing, we provide low-rate, flexible financing for all new purchases.

At our home cooling company, we’re dedicated to helping Minneapolis St. Paul area homeowners keep their homes comfortable year round. From sales and installation of new, efficient, money-saving heating and air conditioning systems to service and repair of existing systems to keep them performing their best, everything we do helps you save money on your energy bills. Call us today to discuss your heating and air conditioning needs. We’d love to help you save.