Air Source Heat Pumps in Minneapolis & St. Paul, MN

Air Source Heat Pumps in Minneapolis & St. Paul, MN

Carrier Air Source Heat Pumps – Twin Cities, MN

Air Source Heat Pumps in Minneapolis & St. Paul, MN When Minneapolis St. Paul homeowners consider a new or replacement central air conditioner, they are usually thinking about cooling their homes in Minnesota’s hot, humid summer conditions. They rarely give a thought to heating at the same time. Today, though, anytime you think about central or ductless air conditioning, you should also be thinking about heating. The reason for that is that air source heat pump technology is now part of residential cooling technology and offers many benefits in providing home comfort and long-term energy savings. | Air Source Heat Pumps |

For just a small increase in price, including air heat pump technology when you purchase a new or replacement air conditioner gives you not only high-efficiency cooling for your home, but much more. It adds efficient heating capabilities to heat your home during the cool fall and spring weather without burning expensive natural gas or using your gas furnace. As the leading HVAC dealer in the Twin Cities, we sell, supply and install top-quality heat pumps by manufactured by Carrier and Payne. We offer the best prices with the largest selection to match your requirements.

Air Heat Pumps – Heating and Cooling in One Unit

Air Source Heat Pumps in Minneapolis & St. Paul, MN Home Cooling: Your central air conditioner works by compressing and evaporating a special refrigerant gas. Two coils are used in the system. One is located inside the air conditioning unit, and the other is located inside your furnace’s air duct system. When the air conditioner is operating, the coil in your duct system is cooled by evaporating the compressed refrigerant. Your ventilation and duct system moves air across the coil, cooling your entire house and transferring the excess heat into the refrigerant. The transferred heat from your house is dissipated outdoors from the condenser coil located in the air conditioner itself. It’s a very efficient process and provides comfortable temperatures throughout your home.

Home Heating during Spring and Fall Seasons:

Now, imagine reversing that process. That’s what a heat pump does. Special valves reverse the flow of refrigerant in the compressor. Instead of cooling your home, the system takes heat from the outside air by evaporating the refrigerant in the coil inside the outdoor unit, then transfers that heat to the coil in your air duct system. The result is flame free hybrid heating for your home.

This process works most efficiently when the outside temperature ranges between 30 degrees and 65 degrees. That’s typical of Minnesota’s spring and fall weather. That means that you can heat your home during those months, without the need of running your furnace. Installing an air source heat pump turns your home comfort system into a hybrid system, using the heating capability during mild cool weather, then automatically switching to your gas furnace when the weather gets colder. When the weather heats up and you need air conditioning, the system automatically switches into cooling operation. The result is big energy savings and even temperatures in your home throughout the year.

High-Efficiency Cooling and Heating

Since the new technology uses the same basic operations as air conditioning, adding the heating capability to a central or ductless air conditioner unit is relatively inexpensive. Both Carrier and Payne offer heat pump versions of most of their central air conditioning systems. For a modest additional initial cost, you can enjoy the benefits of hybrid heating during mild spring and fall cool weather in Minneapolis and St. Paul and save on your energy bills at the same time. Ask our consultants about this new option when you’re discussing a new or replacement installation.

We sell and install these Carrier models: Base, Comfort, Performance and Infinity. We also sell and install all Payne models. We provide free estimates of the cost of a new Carrier or Payne air heat pump. We will schedule an in-home visit convenient to you, 7 days a week. With our competitive pricing, we have the best deals on heat pump installation in the Twin Cities. With your purchase, you may qualify for rebates from energy companies including Xcel and CenterPoint Energy. Adding up all the savings, a heat pump is a very affordable solution for your home heating and cooling.

Minnesota Heat Pump Dealer in Minneapolis St. Paul

As a full-service heating and cooling contractor in the Twin Cities, we’re always looking for new ways to help our customers achieve the ideal home comfort they’re looking for. We’re excited about this new technology and its ability to provide an efficient, cost-effective hybrid heating system that takes care of your heating needs when the weather is cool and efficient air conditioning during warm weather. Call us today to discuss your needs. We’ll be happy to explain more about the benefits of this technology for your new central or ductless system.

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