Asbestos – Gravity Furnace’s Health Risks

Removing Dangerous Asbestos in Gravity Furnaces in Minneapolis St. Paul

 Particularly in the cities of Minneapolis and St. Paul, charming older homes, some dating back to the 19th century make up most of many Twin Cities neighborhoods. Refurbishing these older homes is popular with many families, who enjoy the beauty and classic lines of a vintage home. What many homeowners don’t know is that the gravity or octopus furnaces in these homes can present a real hazard to families. Asbestos insulation used in and around gravity furnaces can deteriorate and let dangerous fibrous particles circulate inside your home, posing serious, even deadly health risks. Removing this dangerous material and the gravity furnace requires special skills and training. It is extremely important to get the job done right to completely get rid of this hazardous material from your home.

Health Risks of Asbestos for Minnesota Homeowners

 Asbestos is a natural mineral product that was used extensively for insulation purposes for a very long time. It’s very effective as insulation, but its serious health risks were not well understood until the middle of the 20th century. The mineral fibers that make up asbestos are fragile and microscopic. The insulation material sheds these fibers, which can become part of household dust and may be breathed in by people living in a contaminated home. Breathing these fibers over a long period can cause a variety of respiratory diseases, including mesothelioma, a particularly dangerous type of lung cancer. Due to these health risks, asbestos is no longer used as insulation. If homes contain this insulation material, that insulation should be safely removed by experienced specialists, using proper equipment and protective measures to prevent further contamination.

Aside from the serious health risks of asbestos from gravity furnaces, those old heaters were designed and installed at a time when energy efficiency wasn’t much of an issue. Today, with fuel costs rising steadily, an old octopus heater with less than 50% efficiency can stress any families budget. As the most reliable residential heating contractor in Minneapolis St. Paul, we specialize in gravity furnace removal and replacement with modern high-efficiency models. It can be a difficult job, and most local heating contractors don’t want to take on such jobs, but we have dedicated crews who replace octopus furnaces every week.

How We Safely Rid Your Twin Cities Home of Asbestos

 Replacing old gravity furnaces is a multi-step process that takes about a week to complete. One of those steps involves bringing in a trusted, licensed asbestos abatement contractor. They completely seal the work area to prevent the escape of any hazardous materials into the house. They then remove all the insulation materials containing asbestos, using strict safety techniques and specialized equipment. Then they test the area thoroughly to make sure all of this harmful material has been safely removed. Only after the asbestos has been completely and safely removed do our crews begin the transformation of your antiquated heating system into a modern, money-saving, high-efficiency one. When we’re finished, you will no longer face these health risks, and you’ll have a quiet furnace, modern ductwork, and more space in your basement. For over 20 years, we have replaced over 1,000 octopus heaters in Minneapolis, St. Paul and suburbs, including Golden Valley, Richfield, St. Louis Park and more.

Most Trusted Gravity Furnace Replacement Contractor in Minnesota

Replacing the bulky octopus furnaces is a specialized process, and safely removing the asbestos insulation is a highly technical and absolutely necessary part of that process. That’s why our Twin Cities furnace company uses only experienced, licensed abatement contractors to handle that part of the job. Your family’s safety depends on having the job done right. Contact our Minneapolis locally owned heating company to discuss replacing your gravity gas heating furnace with a modern, high-efficiency forced-air system. We’ll schedule a free, no-obligation consultation in your home, where we’ll explain the entire process to you and prepare an accurate estimate of the cost of the replacement. We’ll show you why our experience, care, and expertise makes us your best choice for the job.