Boiler Conversion Savings in Minneapolis & St. Paul, MN

Boiler Conversion Savings in Minneapolis & St. Paul, MN

Boiler Conversion Savings:

Boiler Conversion Savings in Minneapolis St. & Paul, MN If your home is one of the thousands of beautiful older homes in the Minneapolis St. Paul area, chances are that you heat your home using steam or hot water radiators and a boiler. Your air conditioning probably comes from noisy window units in just a few rooms. Both heating and cooling cost you plenty, due to high energy bills and costly maintenance and repairs. Even if your system is working well, your home has uneven warmth and rooms that are uncomfortable during hot weather. You’ve probably thought about replacing that old-fashioned boiler with a modern, high-efficiency central HVAC solution.

As the Twin Cities most trusted residential heating and air conditioning company, we’ve helped many homeowners like you save on energy bills and enjoy more even, year-round home comfort. Here are some of the money-saving benefits of replacing your boiler with an up-to-date, cost-effective gas-heating furnace and central air conditioner:

  • Your Family’s Comfort Is Crucial in Minnesota’s Tough Climate – If you’ve lived for more than a year in an older home with a steam or hot water heating system, powered by an oil-burning or natural gas boiler, you already know that your outmoded system doesn’t provide optimal comfort. Uneven temperatures during the winter months, with some rooms too warm and some too cold, are a constant annoyance. Without central air conditioning, you suffer in the summer, too. Noisy, inefficient window units cost plenty to operate and cool only part of your home. By switching to a modern central heating and AC system, both problems are solved once and for all. Our experienced crews have transformed over 1,000 homes in the Minneapolis St. Paul area with cost-effective forced-air furnaces and air conditioners that provide outstanding, year-round, quiet comfort in every room. Our satisfied customers tell us they can’t believe how much more they enjoy their homes once we’re done. We can do the same for you at an affordable cost that makes sense.
  • How High Are Your Current Energy Bills? – That boiler in your basement is a very low-efficiency way to heat your home. Whether it’s an old oil-burning unit or has been updated to use natural gas, its efficiency is probably less than 50%. That means that half of every dollar you pay for fuel goes right up the flue and is wasted. With heating oil and natural gas prices rising every year, your costs just keep going up. Then, when your old boiler or other components need repairs, parts are hard to find and labor costs add to the annual cost of heating your home. Your window AC units, too, are inefficient, along with being noisy and limited to cooling individual rooms. They cost more than you think to operate. Today’s Carrier or other natural gas furnaces and central air conditioning systems are highly efficient, with AFUE ratings for heating up to 96% and AC SEER ratings of 20 or more. That means, that up to 96 cents of every dollar spent on heating actually heats your home. When we install a brand new HVAC system in older homes to replace the boiler, radiators and window AC units, our customers exclaim about their energy savings. If you’re tired of paying more and more every year for home comfort, call us for a solution.
  • Modern Residential HVAC Systems Increase Your Home’s Value – No matter how charming your older home in the Twin Cities seems, its value on the market is less than it could be if it still has an old boiler and radiator system. Realtors will tell you that buyers hesitate to make offers on such homes or lower their offers to cover the conversion to a new system. Window AC units degrade the appearance of your home and make it less salable, too. If you’re considering listing your home at some point in time, investing in converting its outmoded heating and cooling system to a high-efficiency central, forced-air system could be the best investment you can make.
  • Take Advantage of Energy Company Rebates When You Convert – Converting from a boiler-based heating system and window AC units can seem expensive, with costs varying depending on home design, number of stories and other factors. You can defray some of those costs through energy company rebate offers and manufacturer discounts on your new, high-efficiency system. These programs vary over time, but always help our customers save on the cost of their new system. We’ll be happy to explain available savings during our initial consultation with you.

Trusted Residential HVAC Boiler Conversion Services – Minneapolis St. Paul, MN

If you’re tired of spending too much to heat and cool your older home with its old boiler and radiator system and window AC units, the solution is simple. Call our top-rated, Twin Cities locally owned heating and air conditioning company. We’ll be happy to provide a free consultation on a cost-effective switch to a high-efficiency central heating and cooling system. We’ll evaluate your current system and give you information on energy savings and quote you a price on the cost of a customized project for your home.

You can choose from a wide range of furnaces and air conditioners from Carrier or other highly rated manufacturers. Our representative will show you all of your options, answer any questions you have and let you make the best decision for your home and budget. Let us help you enjoy greater comfort and outstanding savings on your energy bills. Contact us today for Boiler Conversion Savings in Minneapolis & St. Paul, MN.