Carrier Zone Heating & Cooling in Minneapolis & St. Paul, MN

Carrier Zone Heating & Cooling in Minneapolis & St. Paul, MN

Carrier Zone Heating & Cooling in Minneapolis & St. Paul, MN For many homeowners in the Twin Cities area, especially those with large homes or those who do not use every part of their home at all times, controlling the temperature of different parts of the home separately is more energy-efficient. While you could go through your home and adjust each register to achieve this, that’s a hit-and-miss process. At our Minnesota heating and cooling company, we’re installing more and more zone control heating and air conditioning systems for our customers. Available from Carrier and other manufacturers, they let you program and set the temperature of from 3 to 8 different zones from a central thermostat. You can keep your basement at one temperature, your master bedroom at another, and other rooms at a different temperature. It’s the ultimate in home comfort and control. | Zone Heating |

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Carrier Zone Control System

Carrier’s Comfort Series Three Zone Control and Infinity Series Zone Control systems are combined with compatible furnaces and central air conditioning equipment to give you control of individual areas in your home. As a Factory Authorized Dealer and top-rated heating and cooling contractor, we are proud to offer these systems to our valued customers. Here are the components that make them work:

  • Programmable Controls

    Carrier’s SYSTX Infinity Zone Control User Interface and ZONECC3Z Comfort Series Controller work with compatible Comfort and Infinity series forced-air gas furnaces and central air conditioners. From a central location in your home, you can program temperatures in 3 separate zones with the Comfort system and up to 8 zone with the Infinity system.

  • Individual Zone Temperature Sensors

    A temperature sensor is installed in each area to be controlled. Connected to the controller, it monitors the temperature in that zone constantly.

  • Individual Zone Dampers

    Installed in your air duct system, these dampers are operated by the zone controller, opening and closing to maintain the desired temperature within that zone. The result is even, individually controlled temperatures in each zone, set just the way you want it.

Advantages of Zone Controlled Heating and Cooling

Carrier Zone Heating & Cooling in Minneapolis & St. Paul, MN Not only does controlling the temperature of different areas in your home let you set temperatures according to desired comfort in each area, it also saves on energy bills. By keeping unused or infrequently used areas of larger homes at lower or higher temperatures than other parts of the home, based on the season, your furnace and air conditioner will use less energy. That means extra savings on your energy bills. Zone controlled heating and cooling also lets you customize the temperature to suit different members of your family in the areas they use most. It’s the ultimate way to achieve high comfort of your home.

Installing the Carrier zone control system may add a bit more to your initial installation cost. However, the saving from using less energy over the long-term makes this a worthy investment. Plus, the comfort created in your home is hard to measure by a dollar amount. As one of the largest heating and cooling contractors in the Twin Cities, we supply and install top-quality Carrier furnaces and air conditioners at affordable costs. Our prices are highly competitive and our experienced sales staff will be happy to provide a free in-home estimate on the cost of your HVAC equipment and installation.

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As a Factory Authorized Dealer, meeting the exact needs of each of our customers is a high priority for us. In our 20+ years of serving over 35,000 satisfied customers in Minnesota, we’ve matched home heating and cooling systems specifically to each customer and each home. We serve customers in the entire metro, from Edina, Apple Valley, Prior Lake and Burnsville to Eden Prairie, Minnetonka, Plymouth and St. Louis Park, and from Champlin, Blaine, Maple Grove and Roseville to Woodbury, Maplewood, Oakdale and Cottage Grove. From economical forced-air gas furnaces and central air conditioners to the ultimate in home comfort systems, we supply, install, and service exactly the HVAC system that matches your requirements and budget. Our personalized, flexible approach lets you customize every aspect of your heating and cooling system.

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