Convert Boiler to Forced-Air Heating in Minneapolis & St. Paul, MN

How to Convert Boiler to Forced-Air Heating in Minneapolis & St. Paul, MN

Convert Boiler to Forced-Air Heating:

Replacing a boiler and radiators in an old home with a high-efficiency gas furnace and central air conditioning system is a complex project. More and more Twin Cities homeowners, however, are opting to make the switch, for more economical home comfort and convenient central air conditioning. As the leader in steam and hot water heating system replacement, our Minnesota locally owned residential HVAC company has the experience and highly trained technicians needed to streamline these projects. Our efficiency and high volume purchasing power keeps your costs as low as possible, too.

Convert Boiler to Forced-Air Heating in Minneapolis St. & Paul, MN

Each boiler conversion project is unique, since no two homes are the same. The complexity and time required to complete the project also varies, depending many factors. In each case, however, we follow the basic steps described below:

  • Project Evaluation and Planning Requires Experience and Creativity – As the first step in converting inefficient steam or hot water heating systems to modern forced-air HVAC systems, we carefully evaluate your home as part of our initial consultation. After careful measurements, inspection of the home’s construction and selection of the components of the new system, our team will plan the project and give you an all-inclusive price quote. We work closely with customers at every stage of this evaluation to fine-tune every aspect to match their needs and budget. Once we have a signed agreement, we can schedule the project at a convenient time. We’ll handle all permit and inspection details.
  • The Time Required for Each Project Varies – How long it takes to convert an outdated boiler system to a modern gas furnace and central AC system varies widely. Generally it takes a week or longer from start to finish, so scheduling will depend on the your convenience and our staff’s schedule. We do most of these projects between spring and fall months, to avoid loss of heating during cold weather. Once the project planning is completed, we will provide you with an accurate estimate of the time required.
  • Removal of the Old Boiler, Radiators and Other Components Is the First Step – For this first stage of the project, we call in a trusted team to handle removal. If asbestos is present, a certified asbestos abatement contractor ensures that this hazardous material is removed safely and completely, in compliance with all regulations. All plumbing, radiators, oil tanks and other components are removed carefully to avoid unnecessary damage to your property. All materials are recycled, and debris is removed completely. With the old system gone, our installation team can take over.
  • New Air Duct System Installation – Modern central forced-air heating and AC systems use air ducts to circulate air throughout your home. For existing homes with no air ducts, retrofitting the ductwork into the home requires creative design solutions. Since each home is unique, creating an unobtrusive and efficient air duct system can be challenging. Our long experience and resourcefulness are real advantages during this stage. We have installed customized air duct systems in homes of all types, from single story cottages to luxurious three-story homes. You can rely on our expert team to create the ideal ductwork system for your home.
  • Installing Your New Furnace and Air Conditioner Demands Expertise – With the air duct system complete, we deliver and install a Carrier furnace chosen by you. The installation process involves mechanical installation, along with plumbing, vent installation, electrical wiring, sheet metal work and other specialized tasks. Our highly trained, experienced and licensed technicians work efficiently and meticulously, following all building code requirements throughout the process. Once installed, the entire system is thoroughly tested. We will completely explain its operation. We welcome your questions and will consult with you as needed.
  • Finishing up The Job Is the Final Step in Every Conversion – Once the entire system is installed, tested, and is operating properly, we clean up completely, removing all debris and packaging materials. Due to the process of removing your old steam or hot water system, including radiators, some minor repairs or refinishing tasks may be needed. We can arrange for this work to be completed by trusted contractors, or you can hire your own building contractor to handle these jobs. How much work is required varies, depending on your home’s design and other factors. We will inform you in advance of what to expect during our initial consultation.

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No matter how complex the job is, the capable and experienced team of our heating and air conditioning specialists is ready to provide outstanding service. Not all companies are interested in or capable of handling these complex jobs.

We welcome the challenge, and our dedication to complete customer satisfaction is your assurance of outstanding comfort at the best price you’ll find anywhere. Call us today to get started and for a free, no-obligation consultation at your home. Let us show why our expertise and high-volume purchasing power delivers outstanding home comfort and genuine energy bill savings over time. We’re ready to go to work for you. | Convert Boiler to Forced-Air Heating in Minneapolis & St. Paul, MN |