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Ductless AC Installation:

Ductless AC Installation Minneapolis St Paul MN As the Minneapolis St. Paul metro area’s most experienced and trusted heating and air conditioning company, we’re constantly answering questions from our customers about all HVAC systems. That includes questions about the newest ductless air conditioners and heat pumps. We believe that providing correct, easy-to-understand information is one of the keys to complete customer satisfaction. We’re always available with ready answers. Since duct-free technology is quite new, our consultants often hear similar questions from customers in their free on-site consultations. To help you learn more about this technology on our website, we’re happy to provide answers to those common questions on this page. Please feel free to call us at any time for more answers:

  • What Is Ductless Air Conditioner’s Price?

    That depends on many factors. The brand you choose, like Toshiba, Carrier or LG, the cooling capacity you need, the energy efficiency, whether you require a single-zone or multi-zone system, and the amount of time needed for installation are some of those factors. We’ll give you a complete, highly competitive price quote for units that are ideal for your requirements. You’ll be surprised at how affordable today’s ductless HVAC technology can be.

  • Does It Take a Long Time to Install a Ductless AC or Heat Pump?

    Not at all. In most cases, we can install a single-zone system at your home or commercial property in a single day. For multi-zone systems or complicated installation, more time may be required, of course, but most installations take no more than two days. We’ll be happy to give you an estimate on installation time and schedule the job in our no-obligation consultation at your Twin Cities location.

  • What Is the Cost of Operating a Typical Duct-Free System?

    It’s about $1 per day, on average, for a single-zone residential system. Multi-zone and high capacity ductless systems have somewhat higher operating costs. Still, the high efficiency of these units, up to 22 SEER, make them much less expensive to operate than noisy, inefficient window AC units. Your energy bill savings will save you plenty over the long term, and you’ll be even more comfortable.

  • Where Will You Install the Indoor Module?

    In most cases, the evaporator and blower head is installed on an outside wall of the room, or above a window. These units are unobtrusive and compact, along with being almost silent, so you won’t even notice them in operation. Installed high on the wall, they circulate cool air evenly, providing an even temperature throughout the room. A hand-held remote control unit lets you control all functions conveniently.

  • Will I See Ugly Refrigerant Lines Outside My Home?

    When we install the outdoor compressor and condenser module outside, we’ll locate it as close as possible to the indoor unit. Then, we hide all refrigerant lines and wiring in a neat, seamless channel called Line-Hide. White in color when installed, it can be painted to match your home’s exterior, using regular house paint. Most installations are at the side or rear of your home, and we’re very careful to make them as unobtrusive as possible.

  • How Quiet Are These Ductless Systems?

    In operation, they produce a quiet sound of air movement from the blower. Sound levels are only 27-39 decibels. Normal conversations and television or other entertainment systems can go on without even noticing the sound. Compared to typical window AC systems, the quiet will be very noticeable. Our customers tell us that their environment is much more pleasant after we’ve installed their new system.

  • Can Ductless Systems Also Provide Heat?

    All LG, Carrier and Toshiba ductless AC systems are available in heat pump models. By operating the refrigerant cycle in reverse, heat pumps provide warm air to the interior of the room. This heating operation is effective, even when outside temperatures are as low as 15 degrees Fahrenheit. That ensures economical, quiet spring and fall heating. In colder weather, your regular gas furnace or boiler takes over.

  • If I Buy a Multi-Zone Ductless System, Can I Control Each Room Separately?

    One of the very best features of duct-free mini-split systems is that each indoor module operates independently. A simple, hand-held remote control for each room in a multi-zone system gives you complete control of the temperature in that room. You’ll save money on energy bills and be able to provide ideal temperatures for each zone. Customized comfort is simple with your new ductless cooling system.

  • Are These Mini-Split Systems Really Reliable?

    Absolutely. The systems we install come with warranties of at least 5 years on all parts. In our experience, our customers rarely have any problems at all. Reliability is engineered into every system. An inexpensive annual tune-up and maintenance visit by our experienced, trained technicians each spring will assure you of comfort without interruption. If repairs are ever needed, you can count on us for fast, affordable service.

If you have hard-to-cool rooms or your home relies on boiler heating, we can quickly provide affordable, efficient cooling. As the top choice for ductless AC installation contractor in the Twin Cities, we serve homeowners and commercial property owners in the seven-county metro, including Eden Prairie, Hopkins, Minnetonka, Bloomington, Brooklyn Park, Minnetonka, Golden Valley, St. Louis Park, Richfield, Edina, Roseville, and more.

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If your home or commercial property has hard-to-cool rooms or zones, there’s no need to suffer during Minnesota’s hot summer weather. An affordable, efficient mini-split air conditioning system or heat pump is a great way to add additional comfort. At a much lower cost than you’d expect, we can help you make your spaces more comfortable all year. We’ve been installing these systems for our valued customers in the Twin Cities metro since they first appeared on the market, and they tell us that they don’t know how they got along without them. Contact us today to find the ideal solution for your property. We’ll provide you with a free on-site consultation and a low, competitive price quote for a money-saving duct-free system matched to your needs. We’ll answer all of your questions and explain all of your options.

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