Ductless AC in Minneapolis & St. Paul, MN

Ductless AC in Minneapolis & St. Paul, MN

How Much Ductless AC Costs in Minneapolis & St. Paul, MN?

Ductless AC in Minneapolis & St. Paul, MN Ductless air conditioners from Carrier and Toshiba have been growing in popularity throughout the Twin Cities metro area of Minnesota. While many homes in our area have gas furnaces that use air duct systems to distribute heated and cooled air throughout the home, that’s not the case in every home. Central air conditioning is a great choice for homes with an existing air duct system and furnace. For homes with boiler and radiator heat and for apartments and rooms not connected to the air duct system, ductless split AC systems are the perfect, economical solution to cool bedrooms, living rooms, kitchens or porches. These products are widely used for commercial properties where installation of central ductwork is not practical, including churches, computer server rooms, office buildings and more. How Much Ductless AC Costs in Minneapolis & St. Paul, MN?

How a Ductless AC Unit Is Priced

Ductless AC in Minneapolis & St. Paul, MN Ductless air conditioning from Carrier and Toshiba works differently than either central or window units. A compact outdoor unit is installed and works with almost silent, compact indoor units. The two are connected using easily concealed hoses. No ductwork is needed. Depending on the particular installation, one outdoor unit can work with a single indoor cooling unit or up to four units in different rooms. Where multiple units are used, the temperature in each room can be controlled independently, using wireless remote controllers. The quiet operation and attractive appearance make the indoor air handlers almost unnoticeable. The actual price of an system depends on several factors, but is comparable to other air conditioning systems. Your total cost will vary, based on:

  • Number of Rooms

    The more rooms that will be cooled, the higher the cost of your complete mini-split AC system. If you’re cooling just one room, the total price will be similar to the cost of a high-quality window AC unit. If you’re cooling multiple rooms, one outdoor multi-split unit by Carrier or Toshiba can serve up to four indoor units, helping to reduce costs for the entire installation.

  • Ductless System Features

    Ductless air conditioners supplied and installed by your top-rated Minnesota AC contractor are available in several models with multiple options. Capacity, indoor unit design and control features are all choices that can affect the price.

  • High Efficiency Means Big Savings

    Window units are much lower in efficiency than ductless mini-split systems. With SEER ratings as high as 22, your ductless system will keep your energy bills low, while providing quiet cooling comfort without wasteful air leakage around bulky window units.

  • Fast, Money-Saving Installation

    Installing ductless systems is relatively simple. Once electrical power is installed, the expert technicians from our Minneapolis locally owned heating and air conditioning company can install the outdoor and indoor units quickly. Since the units are connected by hoses, simplicity allows fast, efficient installation that saves money.

Ductless AC Installation

The ductless AC installation was arranged promptly after we completed the contract approval, and the crew was on time and ready to do a professional job. The primary installation technician was pleasant and easy to deal with, and he was careful to do a thorough site clean up after the installation was complete. He also showed us the benefit of placing the external compressor system piping vertically on the home’s exterior in a way that blended in nicely with the house design and made the installed components virtually unnoticeable. The interior system vents were also installed in a manner that complimented the walls and only extended about an inch and a half from the wall surface near the ceiling, which made them virtually invisible at a glance. – Stacy from Golden Valley, MN

Modern, High-Efficiency, and Quiet HVAC Operation

In the past, noisy, inefficient window units were the most common choice for homes and rooms. Now, ductless split air conditioners offer modern, high-efficiency, quiet operation and cool comfort at affordable pricing for any home. From systems designed to cool a single room to multi-split systems that can cool individual rooms throughout a home, Minnesotans now have new options. As the most trusted HVAC contractor, our company pioneered the use and installation of these mini-split ductless cooling systems in Minnesota, and now installs them throughout the Twin Cities metro area for a fast-growing list of satisfied customers.

Minneapolis St. Paul Ductless Air Conditioning Sales and Service

If you’re ready to dump your noisy, inefficient window air conditioners, but your home’s design won’t let you install central air conditioning, our home heating and cooling company has the ideal solution. Carrier and Toshiba mini-split air conditioning systems are an affordable, efficient way to provide your home with cool, quiet comfort that won’t break your budget. As a trailblazer in installing these systems for Twin Cities homes, we are your best choice for an HVAC contractor. Contact us today for a consultation and estimate at no cost to you. We’ll evaluate your needs and show you how these new products are the ideal solution for your home.

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