Ductless AC Repair in Minneapolis & St. Paul, MN

Ductless AC Repair in Minneapolis & St. Paul, MN

Ductless Air Conditioner and Heat Pump Repair – Minneapolis St. Paul, MN

Ductless AC Repair in Minneapolis & St. Paul, MN One of the best things about modern Ductless AC and heat pumps is how reliable they are. Top-quality engineering and manufacturing by Carrier, LG and Toshiba make them reliable and trouble-free in operation. Like any other mechanical equipment, though, they need regular maintenance and repairs when trouble develops after long operation. The fully trained and experienced repair technicians at our award-winning heating and air conditioning company in the Twin Cities have the equipment and expertise needed to diagnose and repair any problems with all brands of this equipment. Whether you purchased your HVAC unit from us or another contractor, we’ll keep it operating flawlessly for you at very affordable cost. Ductless AC Repair:

Repairs and Maintenance for Ductless Air Conditioners

As more and more homes and commercial properties have taken advantage of this new technology, our seasoned technicians are getting more and more calls to handle problems with older ductless mini-split systems. Since we have immediate access to replacement parts for all brands, including Toshiba, Carrier, LG, Panasonic, Lennox, Samsung, Mitsubishi and Fujitsu, along with extensive training in diagnosis and repairs, we get the job done quickly and at highly competitive prices. Some of the most common jobs we do include:

  • Regular Maintenance – $159

    All manufacturers recommend an annual inspection, cleaning and checkup. We suggest that this service be done each spring, to make sure that your system is ready to give you outstanding service throughout the warm months. Call for an appointment.

  • Repairing Refrigerant Leaks

    Over time, vibration and constant operation can loosen connections and allow the refrigerant in any AC or heat pump unit to leak. When that happens, the most common symptom is poor cooling or no cooling at all. We can fix the leak and refill new refrigerant quickly.

  • Control System Replacement

    Every ductless system uses a micro-controller circuit board to control its operation. Most also have battery-powered remote control units. While failures in these systems are uncommon, they can keep your system from operating properly. We have access to all replacement control parts.

  • Compressor Repairs or Replacement

    The well-engineered compressors in the outdoor module are generally trouble-free for years of operation. When they fail, replacement of the compressor can restore proper operation. In some cases, the cost of a replacement makes installing a new unit a better choice.

  • Indoor Fan Problems

    The indoor air handler is simple, with few moving parts. Noisy or defective blowers and fans in these modules can be quickly and economically replaced to return to proper, quiet operation. We can obtain and install replacement parts for all brands quickly.

  • Condensation Drainage Issues

    During normal operation of the cooling cycle, water condenses on the evaporator coil in the indoor module. This is drained or pumped away through tubing to the outdoors. A blockage can allow water accumulation. Our repairs are fast and economical.

  • Correcting Faulty Installation

    Proper installation of ductless HVAC equipment is crucial. When we’re called in for a problem, we sometimes discover that improper installation was made. We can correct those problems, assuring you of safe, efficient operation.

  • System Replacement Services

    If you have a failing ductless AC or heat pump that is a number of years old, repairs may be too costly to make sense. In such cases, we’ll be happy to give you a competitive price quote on a brand new, up-to-date replacement system if that’s your best choice. We supply and install equipment by LG, Carrier and Toshiba.

We serve the entire Twin Cities metro area, from Bloomington, Richfield and Edina to Columbia Heights, New Brighton and White Bear Lake, and from Golden Valley, Hopkins and Rosville to Eden Prairie, Plymouth and Minnetonka. We offer regular and same-day emergency service and we resolve over 95% of our service calls within 48 hours.

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Since 1992, our full-service heating and air conditioning company has made proper maintenance and repair a top priority. We know that the best way to get maximum value from any heating and cooling equipment is regular preventive maintenance and prompt repairs when needed. Our extensive training program for our technicians is a continuous process. For your residential AC equipment, as well as all other heating and cooling needs, you can rely on our fast, affordable repair services any time you have a problem. We service all brands, whether purchased from us or not, and always provide complete and professional repairs, at money-saving rates.

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