How to Improve Your Furnace Efficiency in Minneapolis, MN

How to Improve Your Furnace Efficiency in Minneapolis, St. Paul, Bloomington, MN and Surrounding Areas

How to Improve Your Furnace Efficiency in Minneapolis, MN Minnesota home heating furnaces are usually installed in little-used places, often in basement rooms or in other places homeowners spend a little time. They’re out of sight and, frequently, out of mind when it comes to necessary maintenance. All too often the room turns into a haphazard storage area for unsightly and infrequently needed items. In homes with cats as pets, that room is often the home of the pets’ litter trays. Improving Your Furnace Efficiency in Minneapolis, St. Paul, Bloomington, MN and Surrounding Areas may be what you need.

Forced-Air Heating Systems

The furnace may also share space with laundry appliances, the hot water heater, utility boxes and other things you want to keep out of the view of family and guests. If you have central air conditioning, some of its components are incorporated into the forced-air heating system. All of that tends to lead to homeowners neglecting the area and allowing buildups of dirt, debris, dust, pet hair, and more. The dirt build-up can seriously decrease the heating efficiency over the long term and shorten the life of your equipment.

Better Maintenance for Safe and Efficient Heating Operation

Furnace Cleaning To operate at maximum efficiency, your furnace needs to be clean. An annual tune-up and clean-up by a professional heating contractor is a must since internal cleaning isn’t a job for amateurs. However, there are a number of regular tasks you can do to keep the system clean between professional cleanings:

  • Replace Air Filters – Once a month during the heating and cooling seasons, replace the air filter. A clogged filter cuts down the efficiency of your heating system dramatically.
  • Clear the Furnace Area – Don’t let empty cardboard boxes, packing materials, and other debris accumulate in the area. Never store flammable liquids nearby, either. If they leak, volatile fumes can reach the flame and cause a disastrous fire. If you do store items near the furnace, keep them all at least three feet away.
  • Vacuum Regularly – Get rid of dust, cat hair, and other small debris by vacuuming the room on a weekly basis. Use the brush attachment on your vacuum to remove dust from the furnace itself, especially around air vents.
  • Move Cat Litter Trays – Cat litter is made primarily of clay. The clay dust from cat litter clings to surfaces and is hard to remove. If you have central air conditioning, the moisture that collects on some components catches this clay, which can build up and cause an efficiency-robbing deposit that is very hard to remove. In addition, cat hair builds up near litter boxes and can clog filters and other components. The smell from litter boxes can also enter the entire house if the litter box is near the furnace.
  • Clean Registers Regularly – Each time you vacuum the rooms in your home, take a few minutes to use the brush attachment to clean all inlet and outlet registers in every room. This will help keep the house clean, and keep dust from building up in your air ducts.

Make Your Home Furnace More Efficient with Regular Maintenance

While keeping the area around your gas furnace clean is important, it can’t substitute for an annual inspection, cleaning, and tune-up by your professional heating contractor. You can schedule this service at any time, not just at the beginning of the season. In the Minneapolis St. Paul Metro Area, our award-winning heating company has a staff of well-trained, experienced technicians to meet all of your home heating and cooling needs.

Contact them soon for an inspection. They can advise you on any service your system needs and will perform all services in a prompt, professional manner. For almost two decades, they have been installing, maintaining, and repairing heating and air conditioning systems. Their reliable service wins praise from tens of thousands of satisfied customers.

To Maintain and Improve Your Furnace Efficiency in Minnesota, contact Residential Heating & Air Conditioning to schedule service.