Furnace Maintenance: Do’s And Don’ts

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It could be a big trouble to have your furnace breaks down during the most crucial time of the year– the dreaded cold season. An emergency service call could be way too expensive for you and you also don’t want to call a professional each time minor and major problems occur. You can do the basic furnace maintenance check by simply following the steps below.

 Shut down the System

Before doing any maintenance check, turn off your electrical and fuel supply to avoid fire outbreaks.  Locate the switch near the burner or at the top of the cellar stairs. The switch plate has a distinct red color.

 Clean the Combustion Chamber

Heat is often created in the combustion chamber. Fuel is often mixed in the combustion chamber together with water vapor, carbon dioxide and carbon soot. The soot build-up causes the chamber walls to deteriorate. The first thing you should do is to get a small wire brush to scrape off the carbon soot. You can also use an industrial shop vacuum to remove the loose debris. Then, you can inspect the chamber for holes or corrosion before putting the cover back on. If there are any holes or signs of corrosion, it is best that you seek a trusted service provider for a furnace maintenance Bloomington MN. The right contractor can assist you on what to do or what to fix when you are faced with these types of unwanted situation.

furnace maintenance Bloomington MN

Check the Flue Pipe

After checking the combustion chamber, check the exhaust flue. Check if there are holes on the pipe. If there are any, you can use a foil tape to seal them. But if the flue pipe corroded, then you have to replace it at once.   You can go for a furnace maintenance Bloomington MN to help you thoroughly fix your corroded flue pipe.  Adjust the flue pipes’ barometric damper. It helps moderate the chimney draw. If you are not sure on how to adjust it, ask for the assistance of an expert to set the barometric damper for you.

Replacing the Oil Filter

After the flue pipe, move on to the oil filter. The oil filter strains the small impurities from obstructing the flow in your oil burner nozzle. The impurities can cause a misfire which shuts down the whole system. Before removing the oil filter, remove the oil valve first.

Changing the Air Filter

Changing the air filter is the easiest maintenance routine. You need to replace your air filter regularly. When checking the air filter, check the belt’s wear and tension. If the belt is loose, it means that your belt is in good condition. If the belt deflects more than ¾ of an inch when it is pressed, you can adjust it by sliding the motor backwards.

 Adjusting the Burner and Testing Efficiency

When checking the burner’s efficiency, you can use a combustion analyzer to calculate the furnace. The analyzer measures the efficiency of the furnace by measuring the gasses emitted in the flue. Make sure the air gates of the burner are adjusted for proper fuel consumption. You can also optimize the heating system by replacing the oil nozzle which helps the fuel to be atomized before it ignites. Check the color of the flame and the shape of the igniter to ensure that there is a stable combustion. It is also best that you clean the burner tubes with the use of an industrial shop vacuum.

Cleaning Floor Vents

It is important that you also clean your floor vent. Floor vents attract dust, small toys, food scrap, etc. You can use a vacuum cleaner for this.   If your floor vents are clogged, it will lessen the efficiency of your HVAC. It is best that you clean and check them from time to time to remove from any debris from the vent.

 If there are problems that you can’t fix, call the right person to fix the job

When things go unmanageable, it is best that you seek help from a professional.   Residential Heating & Air Conditioning is the best team for the job. We are one of the leading service providers of furnace maintenance Bloomington MN. We can help you assess if your HVAC is in a good condition and fine-tune everything seamlessly.

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