Furnace Maintenance in Minneapolis & St. Paul, MN

Furnace Maintenance in Minneapolis, St. Paul and Surrounding Cities

Furnace Maintenance in Minneapolis, St. Paul and Surrounding CitiesHeating systems are just as intricate as air conditioning systems, if not more so. Heating systems run off of a heat source that provides the system with the required heat energy to perform. There are a variety of heat sources available on the market and these include heat pumps, boilers, and furnaces. The latter are the most common due to ease of accessibility and possibly cost implications as well. Furnace Maintenance:

Your Very Own Furnace Specialists

Since 1991 we have been servicing the good people of the Minnesota region and surrounding areas. For 25 years we have been providing efficient, good quality service to our customers. We have built a formidable reputation that is synonymous with only the best, and our customers can vouch for that.  Trained technicians, implorable work ethics and values, honesty and integrity, quality products and guaranteed workmanship are all characteristics that can be used when describing Residential Heating and Air Conditioning. But it doesn’t stop there.

Our Carrier stamp of approval is one which we are extremely proud. We worked hard to achieve these results and we work even harder to maintain them daily. With a name like Carrier behind us, you are guaranteed superior workmanship and parts.

Furnace Maintenance

Your heating system needs regular maintenance in order to prevent unwanted damages and costly repairs. Your furnace is built to last for many years but if you fail to look after the equipment, its service will be cut short. Your furnace is the heat source that keeps your heating system functioning day in and out. This piece of equipment works very hard and is prone to wear and tear.  Regular furnace maintenance will ensure that damage to your furnace does not go unnoticed. A damaged furnace can lead to disaster, gas leaks can lead to explosions and carbon monoxide can lead to poisoning if inhaled in large quantities.

The Importance of Regular Maintenance Checks

Keep your family safe from harm through regular maintenance checks. Our trained technicians will check for visibly damage or defects, unusual smells which could mean gas leaks, as well as tightening fittings and ensuring any associated piping is not clogged up.  Call Residential Heating and Air Conditioning and keep your furnace safe from disaster. An unmaintained furnace is a time bomb waiting to explode, bringing with it damage and destruction. Your family can enjoy the warmth of your energy-efficient and cost-effective heating system safe in the knowledge that there is nothing untoward happening down below.

We care for your heating system so that you can care for your family. Call us now and allow us to evaluate your furnace and give it our seal of approval. Residential Heating and Air Conditioning, the only service provider to contact us for your finicky furnace issues. We are here to serve you and help you get more out of your investment.

For Furnace Maintenance in Minneapolis & St. Paul, MN and Surrounding Cities, contact us today!