Furnace Repair Service Bloomington MN

Your furnace, whether gas or electrically driven, will at some point in its life, require repair services. How much time you have before this becomes necessary will depend on you completely. Have you taken your maintenance routine seriously, and made every effort to regularly maintain the equipment? If you can honestly say you have, you may have bought yourself some time before the first fateful breakdown occurs. Unfortunately, you can never say that your furnace will never need a repair that would be completely unreasonable. The equipment is made up of moving parts that are prone to wear and tear. Wear and tear will eventually result in damages that need repairs.

You will need to call on the assistance of a professional company like Residential Heating and Air Conditioning when that time arrives. We are adept at carrying out repairs that will prolong the life of your equipment considerably. Our Furnace repair service Bloomington MN will not disappoint.

Gas – The Economical Choice

Furnaces in general are the most common heat source used for heating systems because of the ease of availability, and the cost factor. Most commonly, you will find that gas is the preferred fuel, rather than electricity. With the ever increasing price attached to utilities like electricity, it simply becomes far too costly to operate your furnace whenever you need it. Gas provides a more cost-effective operational option.

Gas does carry with it dangers of its own. Carbon monoxide poisoning can be fatal if a leak goes undetected. This can occur very easily because of the odorless property of the gas. It is always best to install a carbon monoxide alarm which will alert you should the air contain a certain percentage of the harmful substance.

Obviously gas is extremely flammable and this can lead to fires and explosions in your home. A furnace is a pressure pot waiting to explode, if not treated with the respect it deserves. It has become common precise to install shut off valves because of the recent, ever-increasing risks of earthquakes. Any movement in the Earth which could result in sparks setting the gas off, will cause the main gas line to shut the gas supply off.  This is a similar principle to the shut off valve put in place when leaks are detected.

We, at Residential Heating and Air Conditioning are able to install all the necessary safety features that go hand-in-hand with a gas furnace.

Deal With Emergencies

If your carbon monoxide alarm sounds, or there is threat of fire or explosion, shut off the main gas supply to your furnace and evacuate your home. Call the authorities, and your local furnace repair service Bloomington MN. Your home will be thoroughly inspected and any danger eliminated. When the all clear is given, you can safely enter your home again.

Call Residential Heating and Air Conditioning today. (612)724 1899. Our furnace repair service Bloomington MN are safely carried out by the book. We ensure that every safety feature is correctly installed so that you never have to fear for the safety of your family.