Furnace Repair Service Minnetonka MN

A furnace that is not functioning is something that is really cause for irritation, especially when it’s cold out and it is your own negligence that has caused your predicament. Yes, you used your furnace last winter, and it has been standing unused for months. What could possibly have gone wrong from then until now? You must understand that leaving mechanical equipment unused is almost as bad as a furnace that has been put through its paces. Starting a furnace up after such an extended period of inactivity can cause damage that will cost a fortune to repair. The moving parts have not been lubricated and are stiff to get going.

If you have made this fateful mistake, and are now left shivering in the cold, while your furnace stands gathering dust, you will need to seek out a professional furnace repair person to tend to the necessary repairs. Residential Heating and Air Conditioning are the company to call for your furnace repair service Minnetonka MN.

Furnace Repairs – Parts and Service Guaranteed

Your furnace may seem like a simple vessel, however it is so much more than the outer shell, and the value of the system is so extensive. Unfortunately you only really understand the value when you don’t have access to it anymore. When your furnace is on the blink, a professional company, like Residential Heating and Air Conditioning to carry out quality repairs using superior spares. We guarantee our workmanship and back our equipment with a warranty. Proof of our confidence in what we supply.

We are the authorized dealer for Carrier, which is an achievement that we have worked extremely hard to lay claim to.

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