Choosing a Replacement Furnace in Minneapolis & St. Paul, MN

Choosing the Right Replacement Furnace for Your Minneapolis, St. Paul, Bloomington, MN, and Surrounding Areas Home

Discounts and Rebates on Replacement Furnace Installation

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Replacement Furnace When you are choosing a furnace to replace an older or a failed one, selecting the right brand and model is very important. For Twin Cities metro area homeowners, that choice is even more important, since our winter temperatures can dip below -20° degrees. An inadequate forced-air heating system or one that is inefficient just won’t do the job. Plus, choosing the wrong size or model will increase your energy costs to unacceptable levels. Replacement furnace choices mean taking many factors into consideration to get the best deal available, and most Minneapolis St. Paul homeowners need help in making that highly technical decision. Here are some of the factors to consider:

  • Heating Capacity

    Heating capacities are measured in British Thermal Units or BTU. The higher that number, the more heat is produced. The BTU output of your replacement furnace must match or exceed the amount of heat lost by your home during the coldest days of the Minnesota winter. Proper sizing is important. Having a lower capacity than is needed simply can’t properly make your home comfortable, and will force the system to run constantly in cold weather. Having too large of a capacity will cause the system to cycle on and off too frequently, giving you uneven heating. Choosing exactly the right capacity requires careful calculation of a number of factors. The insulation and winterization of your home is an important factor, too. One of our sales consultants will make these calculations after evaluating your home in a free, no obligation consultation.

  • Fuel Efficiency

    The energy efficiency is represented by its Annual Fuel Utilization Efficiency or AFUE rating. Today’s models start at an 80% AFUE rating, which means that 80% of the fuel burned actually heats your home. The other 20% goes up the air vent and is wasted. The most efficient models available are rated at up to 96% AFUE. The higher efficiency means dramatic fuel savings for homeowners over the long term. Some older furnaces may have AFUE ratings as low as 50%. The home comfort consultant from our Twin Cities heating company can show you just how much you will save with by increasing fuel efficiency. In general, increasing the efficiency from 65% to 80% can lead to a saving of $1,830 in 10 years, and increasing the efficiency from 65% to 94% can result in a saving of $3,010 in 10 years.

  • Hot Air Venting

    After evaluating your current installation, we can determine whether your current venting system is compatible with your choice of the new furnaces. Modern high-efficiency furnaces may use a different venting system than older ones, and modern systems require a fresh air intake capability. This can add to the cost of your replacement, but the long-term energy savings will quickly compensate for the increased cost of installation.

  • How to Lower the Purchase Cost

    Depending on your choice of brand, model, size and efficiency, the price for the equipment and installation is just part of the initial cost. Factory rebates and cash rebates from utilities companies can offset part of the cost. Other factors include any new air venting and the cost of removal of the old furnace and any changes needed in ductwork. We can help you understand these costs and explain how a new forced-air heating system can be a wise investment in the long run.

  • Which Brand

    There are many manufacturers. Which one you choose can influence the cost of your new furnace over time. Cheap products, available from some suppliers, may seem attractively priced, however, you need to carefully consider the reputation of the manufacturer. An increased need for repairs can quickly overcome any savings. As the most trusted Minneapolis heating contractor, we sell and install only the most reliable equipment from Carrier and Payne, the two most widely respected manufacturers in America. That’s because we know that they make top quality products that are reliable and dependable over many years.

  • HVAC Contractor

    Choosing the right heating contractor for supplies and installation is one of the most important factors. Make the right choice and you’ll get the best advice on which system will provide the warm comfort you deserve. You’ll also get professional installation that meets all building and safety codes, and the right HVAC contractor will stand solidly behind their products with maintenance and service. We have over 20 years of experience with Minnesota residential heating, with a reputation that can’t be beaten. We sell only high-quality products to specifically match your needs, install them professionally, and will be there when you need us.

Our furnace quit on a Saturday morning and we couldn’t find anyone to fix it until we called Residential Heating and Air Conditioning. They came over quickly and gave us the bad news that our furnace was beyond fixing and needed replacement. They made an extra trip to give us space heaters to get us through the weekend and were back on Tuesday to install a completely new system. They also made sure we got a rebate check from Center Point Energy and processed all the application papers for us, which helped a lot in cutting down the cost of the new system installation. – Mark from Richfield, MN

Replacement FurnaceWhen to Replace Old Furnaces

Many Twin Cities homes are still heated with obsolete furnaces, with many manufactured by companies that are no longer in business. Chrysler Airtemp and Waterbury are two obsolete brands. Many of these low-efficiency furnaces are still being used. Not only are they inefficient money-wasters, they can be impossible to repair when they develop problems. Replace your old obsolete furnace now, and avoid a winter heating emergency.

Replacement FurnaceStanding Pilot Furnace Replacement

Older, inefficient furnaces often used a constantly burning pilot flame to ignite natural gas for heating. Not only do these “standing pilot” furnaces waste fuel used for the pilot, they’re also wastefully inefficient overall. Replacing them with modern high-efficiency models will give you outstanding energy bill savings. At our residential heating company, we offer affordable forced-air natural gas furnaces made by Carrier and Payne, two of the most reliable brands in the home-heating industry.

Replacement FurnaceLowboy Furnace Replacement

Many homes in the Minneapolis St. Paul area still have older, inefficient furnaces. Lowboy furnaces from previous decades are common. They have low efficiency ratings and can waste 40% or more of the energy in natural gas. Replacing them with modern, high-efficiency furnaces is a great way to cut your energy bills. Our heating company offers a wide range of home-heating products by Carrier and Payne at affordable prices. With the latest manufacturer’s rebates and our volume discounts, it makes economical sense to upgrade your home-heating equipment.

Replacement FurnaceOil Furnace Replacement

If you still rely on an old oil-burning furnace for home heating, you probably have noticed the rising cost of heating fuel in recent years. The oil furnaces have very low energy efficiency and are costly to maintain and repair. Newer high-efficiency gas furnaces are designed to operate easily, save you energy costs, and make your home more comfortable. Contact us for a free onsite cost estimate for replacing your oil-burning furnace.

Replacement FurnaceReplace Octopus Furnaces

If your older home is heated with an inefficient bulky gravity or octopus furnace, replacing it with a modern, high-efficiency system is one of the best upgrades you can make. You will not only save hundreds of dollars every year in energy costs, but enjoy more comfort and reclaim wasted space in your basement. The old insulation material contains asbestos, a serious health hazard. Learn more about why an upgrade is important to your family’s health and increase your home’s value.

If you would like to find out what fits your heating needs and budget, and how much the new furnace costs, please contact us for a free in-home evaluation. As a leading heating contractor in the Twin Cities, we are happy to offer our customers some of the best deals on furnace replacement. We will provide expert advice on which system to choose and give you an accurate price quote.

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We serve homeowners in all communities of the Twin Cities, from White Bear Lake, Maplewood, Hugo and Lake Elmo in the northeast to Eden Prairie, Chaska, Prior Lake and Edina in the southwest, and from Maple Grove, Brooklyn Center, Plymouth and Champlin in the northwest to Apple Valley, Inver Grove Heights, Cottage Grove and Rosemount. We offer emergency same-day installation service to restore your heat quickly.

Our Minnesota heating and cooling company puts its 20-year reputation for excellence on the line with every job. Our 30,000 satisfied customers over those 20 years assure you that you’ll get the best information and advice, high-quality products, expert installation and service for the lifetime of your furnace when you choose us. Contact us today for a free, no-obligation consultation in your Twin Cities metro area home. Our Minneapolis St. Paul home comfort specialist will evaluate your home and current HVAC system, then offer a range of options that will meet your home heating needs. He’ll explain those options, answer your questions, and then let you decide for yourself. There’s never any pressure. We welcome the opportunity to help you choose the ideal system for your home.

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