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Boiler to Forced-Air Conversion Minneapolis, MN Many older homes in the Minneapolis & St. Paul Metro area date back to an earlier era. Some of these homes are heated with steam or hot water, using a boiler in the basement as a heat source and radiators or other systems in the living areas. Replacing steam or hot water heating is an update that many homeowners think about, especially when the current equipment needs to be upgraded. A modern, integrated forced-air heating and air conditioning system can increase the value of an older home and helps provide year-round comfort without the drawbacks of steam or hot water heat. Does this Boiler to Forced-Air Conversion make sense for your older home?

That depends on many factors. Such a replacement is a big job. There’s no question about that. Older homes that incorporate steam or hot water heating were designed with that system in mind. Replacing it with forced-air heating and cooling requires the installation of a ductwork system and heat registers, removal of radiators and other plumbing, and installation of a new gas furnace and central air conditioner. As the most trusted residential heating and air conditioning contractor in Minnesota, we have the knowledge needed and experience required to make this conversion for you. Here are some of the factors to consider:

  • Boiler to Forced-Air Conversion Minneapolis, MN Home Design – The design of your home influences the cost of a conversion to forced-air heating and air conditioning. Single story homes with full, unfinished basements are relatively easy to convert, and the ductwork is simpler. Using floor registers, few major changes are needed in the living spaces. Finished basements require additional work, of course. Multiple story homes require more planning, and adding ductwork to upper stories presents challenges. Homes with only partial basement areas also require creative solutions. If your home uses radiant heating in the floors, leaks or failures in the plumbing can be very expensive to repair, making a switch to forced-air heating and cooling an attractive alternative.
  • Other Remodeling Work – If you plan extensive remodeling work on your older home, including a forced-air heating and cooling system installation may be simplified if done in conjunction with the other remodeling. Our Minnesota heating company can work with your remodeling contractor to coordinate the work.
  • Is the Home Currently Occupied? – If you’re currently living in the home, it’s usually best to schedule a replacement of a hot water or steam heating system with a modern forced-air furnace during mild weather seasons. Depending on the amount of work required, there may be a period where the home remains unheated.
  • Boiler to Forced-Air Conversion Minneapolis, MN Cost ConsiderationsHow much a conversion from boiler to gas furnace will cost can only be determined after a thorough evaluation of the particular home. The simpler the job, the lower the cost. For complicated conversions in multiple-story homes, the cost may be much higher. Our HVAC company will be happy to help you estimate the cost.
  • Potential Benefits – A well-functioning hot water or steam heating system using a high-efficiency boiler provides a reliable and comfortable home in most cases. Conversion, however, can increase your home’s value, incorporate integrated central air conditioning and eliminate space-hogging radiators. In addition, more accurate, even control of home temperature is available with modern forced-air systems.
  • Alternatives to Conversion – If your hot water or steam heating system is working well, but you are considering a switch to forced-air heating only to add central air conditioning, ductless air conditioners and heat pumps may be an attractive alternative. Quiet and efficient, these new systems let you control temperature in individual rooms, and can even provide heat during cool spring and fall weather. It’s a great way to add comfortable home-cooling and get rid of inefficient, noisy window units. Requiring no ductwork at all, adding ductless mini-split air conditioning or heat pumps is far less expensive than a complete conversion.

The job of the Boiler to Forced-Air Conversion is a complicated one. Under the right circumstances, the decision to go with this switch makes a lot of sense. Schedule an appointment with one of our experts and we will advise you on whether such an upgrade is worthwhile. If it is, we will provide you a clear price estimate. All the costs the project will be clearly listed.

Frequently Answered Questions on Boiler to Forced-Air Conversion

Having helped over 1,000 homeowners in Minneapolis St. Paul replace their outdated boilers with energy-efficient furnaces, we the most trusted company for this job in the Twin Cities.

  • What Is the Cost of Converting Hot Water or Steam Heat to Forced-Air?

    Replacing an obsolete boiler system in any home with a modern, high-efficiency HVAC system is a complex job. Since every home is unique in design, the cost of such a project can vary widely. Many factors come into play in providing a price quote for the job. As the Twin Cities leading residential HVAC contractor, we will help you keep those costs under control and help you make the very best decision for your home and budget.

  • What Are the Energy Savings with Boiler Heat Conversion?

    Your current inefficient boiler, radiators and window AC units are costing you more and more each year through costly energy bills. Worse, for your money, you’re not getting maximum comfort, either. Replace that old system with a modern, high-efficiency central heating and AC system and solve both problems, while increasing the value of your home. Learn more about how much you can save and how to get a free evaluation and cost estimate.

  • How to Convert Steam Boilers to Forced-Air Furnaces

    If you’re tired of uneven heating, high energy bills, poor air conditioning and bulky radiators in your home, we have the answer. Our trusted HVAC company can convert your home to efficient, money-saving central, forced-air heating and cooling for a lower cost than you might think. Start enjoying the benefits and energy bill savings.

  • When Should You Schedule a Boiler to Central Heating Conversion Project?

    As the most trusted Minneapolis & St. Paul residential boiler conversion company, we know that switching hot water or steam heating systems over to money-saving forced-air heating and cooling is a big job. It’s a big decision for homeowners, too. If you’ve been thinking about doing this at your home, any time is a great time to contact us to talk about your ideas. In a free consultation, we’ll answer all of your questions and give you a cost-effective price quote. We can schedule the work to suit your busy schedule.

  • Why Should You Convert Your Boiler and Radiator System?

    If you’re tired of the problems caused by an obsolete heating system in your older home, you’ve probably thought about upgrading to a modern central HVAC system. Should you switch now? What advantages will such an upgrade provide? As the Minneapolis area’s most experienced contractor for these jobs, we want to give you the information you need to make the best decisions for your home and budget. At this link, we’ll show you the many advantages of updating and help you understand how you’ll benefit.

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