Gravity Furnace Removal Minneapolis MN

Living in an old house, or purchasing an old house, may leave you stranded with an old gravity furnace, which is often referred to as an octopus furnace because of the appearance of the very extensive ducting network. These types of furnaces are very bulky in nature, with the ductwork often filling up most of the basement. Besides the fact that these gravity furnaces are filled with harmful asbestos, they are also largely inefficient with almost 50% or the heated air being lost up the chimney.

It is always a wise idea to replace a gravity or octopus furnace with a more efficient, and less harmful furnace if you really care about your pocket, the environment, and your family. Removal of these furnaces should always be undertaken by a professional who has the required paperwork, and qualifications to safely dispose of the asbestos.

Residential Heating and Air Conditioning are on hand in to safely perform your gravity furnace removal Minneapolis MN.

Gravity vs Forced Air

Efficiency – The efficiency of a gravity furnace is not something to write home about. This kind of furnace relies on the premise that hot air rises above cold air and is circulated in this way through the home. The air is heated by a simple flame with almost half of the heated air being lost up the chimney. With the modern forced air systems, you are guaranteed almost 98% efficiency in many cases.

Environmental impact – The gravity furnace is not the most environmentally friendly option because of the fact that much of the heated air is released into the atmosphere. With the high-efficiency of the modern systems, there are barely any harmful gases that are emitted into the air.

Asbestos – Most gravity furnaces incorporate asbestos into the installation. Asbestos is extremely harmful to you and your family. This substance is known to cause considerable problems when referring to breathing, and bronchial function.

Residential For Change

We, at Residential Heating and Air Conditioning have the necessary experience and expertise to safely remove a gravity furnace from your home, disposing of the dangerous asbestos in a way that does not impact the environment or any unsuspecting victim along the way. Since 1991 we have delivered quality service to the people of Minneapolis.

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