Gravity Furnace Replacement St. Paul MN

You’ve been after that really old house down the street for some time now, and your chance has finally showed itself. You just love the quaint appearance, and the vintage looking fittings. What you didn’t account for, however, was the ancient gravity furnace which inhabits the entire basement. While these old giants did the job during their prime, they are definitely not the most energy-efficient, or cost-effective option in this modern day. They are unsightly, large, and the associated ducting occupies so much space that it seems you may need another house to accommodate it.

Considering a gravity furnace replacement St. Paul MN? Residential Heating and Air Conditioning are the experts at carrying out this particular task with safety, and precision.

What Is a Gravity Furnace Exactly and Why Change What isn’t Broken?

A gravity furnace is sometimes referred to as an octopus furnace. They are extremely large in size, and not at all aesthetically pleasing. They use a network of ducting to transport the air to the rooms intended, however, the ductwork seems to be so space-consuming, often filling the entire basement. Although, a gravity furnace rarely has anything that could go wrong with it because it has no fan, and simply works on the premise that hot air is lighter than cold air, and rises above it.

There are many reasons why it is recommended that you replace a gravity furnace with a forced air system. Money and costs are always major game-changer when making any decision that has an impact on your lifestyle. The octopus furnace is not the most efficient system around, and the cost implication of heating your home using this system is about double that of the forced air type. New systems can be as efficient as 98%, whereas the old gravity furnace loses almost 50% of its generated heat up the chimney, wasted.

Energy-efficiency is particularly important in the day and age, with all the climate change and global warming issues on the rise. By undertaking a Gravity Furnace replacement St. Paul MN, you will definitely be reducing your carbon footprint on our Earth.

You may find that heating your home with a gravity furnace will have you perspiring in the center of your home, however, on the outskirts and along the walls, you’ll still feel the cold. Comfort-wise, this isn’t the perfect option for a heating system

Asbestos is a tremendous health concern, and can cause respiratory disorders. Most of these old octopus furnaces and the ducting, contain asbestos and if removed will have to be done so by trained professionals who know how to dispose of this harmful product safely. This of course pushes up the cost of replacing such a furnace, but at the end of the day, your comfort, health, safety, and the cost-saving aspects over an extended period, really must be taken into consideration. You will find the scales are tipped towards replacing with a forced air heating system.

Residential: Gravity Defying Service

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