Heat Pumps in Minneapolis & St. Paul, MN

Heat Pumps in Minneapolis & St. Paul, MN

Heat Pump Sales and Installation in Minneapolis St. Paul, MN

Carrier Heat Pumps Minneapolis MN Heating, ventilation, and air conditioning or HVAC systems are essential to every Minneapolis St. Paul homeowner. Minnesota’s climate includes extreme variation of temperature and humidity during the year. Hot, humid summers and frigid winters mark the extremes, with cool spring and fall weather rounding out our climate. HVAC systems that keep the climate inside our homes even and comfortable are always a topic of interest for Minnesotans. Most Minnesota homes use a forced-air system that combines a gas furnace and air ducts, integrated with a central air conditioning system. It’s a good combination and works well to maintain the home comfort we want. Heat Pumps.

Our home-heating gas furnaces, though, are sized to handle temperatures as low as 20 degrees below zero or worse. What that means is that for the cool temperatures of spring and fall, the furnace system is oversized, and runs for only short periods. That’s wasteful of energy and provides heat that is less even during those seasons. In recent decades, a new technology has emerged to solve that problem and that offers money-saving benefits to Minnesota homeowners. Central air conditioners and ductless air conditioning systems that incorporate heat pump technology now provide heat to warm homes in cool weather and air conditioning during hot weather. The hybrid unit uses the most economical source of energy to heat or cool your home, depending on weather conditions.

How Heat Pumps Work – Air Conditioning in Reverse

Payne Heat Pumps Minneapolis MN Your central or ductless AC system works by compressing and evaporating a special refrigerant. In the normal cooling cycle, heat is removed from your home and released outside by evaporating compressed coolant in coils inside your air duct system. The heat is transferred to coils located on the outside of your home and released into the atmosphere. By reversing that cycle, heat pumps pick up the warmth from the air outside, and release it inside, warming your home gently and evenly. An electronically controlled valve performs the switchover.

Heat pumps operate most efficiently when outside temperatures range between 30 and 65 degrees. That’s typical of fall and spring weather here in Minnesota, so this technology is ideal for those seasons. When temperatures drop below 30 degrees, your forced-air gas furnace automatically takes over. You get a very efficient air conditioner, in hot weather, with SEER ratings up to 19, and a much more efficient heating system in cool weather. It’s an ideal hybrid system that helps you make the most of your energy budget and keeps your home even more comfortable.

Installing Carrier and Payne Heat Pumps for Minnesota Homes

Energy Star At our Minnesota residential heating company, we offer heat pump versions of central and ductless air conditioning systems from both Carrier and Payne. Most of their models are available either as a stand-alone air conditioner or a AC and heat pump combination. We also offer heat pump versions of LG Ductless mini split air conditioners. Since most of the components in an air conditioning system are the same in the heat pump version, the price increase is low, making the upgrade an easy decision for most Minneapolis and St. Paul homeowners.

We sell and install these Carrier models: Comfort and Base Models: 25HBC3, 25HBC5; Performance Model: 38QRR; Performance and Comfort Models: 25HCB3, 25HCB6, 25HCC5, 25HPA5, 25HPA6; Infinity Models: 25HNA9, 25HNB5, 25HNB6, 25HNB9; Infinity Series Heat Pump With Greenspeed Intelligence Model: 25VNA0.

We make fast and affordable installations across the Twin Cities metro area, from Roseville, Fridley, Blaine and Champlin to Eden Prairie, Bloomington, Edina and Apple Valley, and from Minnetonka, Plymouth, Wayzata, St. Louis Park to Woodbury, Cottage Grove, Mendota Heights and White Bear Lake.

Minnesota Top Supplier for Heat Pumps and Hybrid HVAC Systems

If you would like to know if a heat pump is right for you and how much it costs to install one in your home, give us a call. One of our experts will provide an in-home evaluation of your needs. Ask our home comfort consultant about your options during your free, no-obligation consultation. He’ll be happy to tell you about the benefits of hybrid heating and cooling and explain all functions, costs, and benefits for you as part of your HVAC system. We will provide you a price quote. Through manufacturers’ volume discounts, we are able to pass our savings to our customers by offering some of the best deals in the Twin Cities. Your savings don’t stop there. Energy companies including Xcel and CenterPoint offer rebates for installing high-efficiency heating and cooling equipment. As always, we’ll provide all the information including how to qualify for energy rebates, without any high-pressure sales tactics. You always make your own decision, based on your needs and budget. Contact us soon and let us show you why our 20 years of top-quality sales and service makes us your best choice.

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