Why Install a Heat Recovery Ventilator HRV?

Why Install a Heat Recovery Ventilator – Minneapolis St. Paul, MN

Heat Recovery Ventilator Installer Twin Cities A well-insulated home that is carefully sealed from drafts and heat loss is a must for the Twin Cities area. Our frigid winter temperatures can go as low as –25 degrees at times. Heating bills are always a budget issue for Minnesota homeowners, so we take care to prevent losing heat in our homes. Still, our sealed-up homes can quickly grow stale and stuffy, due to insufficient fresh air entering the home. Opening a window can solve this problem, but the loss of heat makes that a poor choice. At our Twin Cities heating company, we can help you keep your home’s air fresh, while maintaining the efficiency that keeps energy costs low.

A Heat Recovery Ventilator, or HRV, allows fresh air from outside to enter your home, but pre-heats that air, using the existing heat in your air duct system. Available from Carrier, Lennox, Bryant, Trane, Rheem, Goodman, Ruud and most manufacturers, adding an HRV is an affordable way to ensure that the air in your home is fresh at all times, without wasting energy and raising your energy costs. By allowing fresh air to enter your home in a controlled way, then warming that outside air with the warm air from inside your home, and then exhausting stale air back to the outside, an HRV keeps your indoor air fresh and warm, automatically.

The same HRV system also works during the air conditioning season, cooling outside fresh air in its heat exchanger before exhausting stale air. At the same time, it can remove excess humidity, keeping your home’s environment cool and fresh at all times. For both heating and cooling, the HRV prevents stale air from being trapped in your home, recovering up to 84% of the heated or cooled air’s energy in the process. That means big savings for you.

Key Benefits of a Heat Recovery Ventilation System

  • Energy Savings

    By exchanging heat between indoor and outdoor fresh air, an HRV keeps the heated or cooled air’s energy inside your home, instead of letting warmed air out or cool air in, depending on the season.

  • Humidity Control

    During the summer, excess humidity is removed from incoming fresh air, helping to keep you comfortable at higher temperatures. That also helps keep energy bills low.

  • Quiet, Efficient Operation

    Unlike opening a window or door to provide fresh air, the HRV keeps air circulating within the system, using a quiet ventilator motor and fan. It uses your already heated or cooled air to control the temperature of the outside air. You’ll notice the savings right away.

  • Consistent Comfort at All Times

    A solid state controller in the Heat Recovery Ventilation System works with user controls in your home to adjust air circulation modes and circulation to provide ideal ventilation and comfort.

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At our Twin Cities residential HVAC company, we understand every aspect of home heating, cooling and ventilation. We know that you demand maximum comfort in your home, and we can help you achieve that goal. A Heat Recovery Ventilator can be a valuable addition to your home comfort system, keeping your home fresh and comfortable in all seasons. Call us anytime to ask about adding an HRV to your existing system or when installing a new or replacement furnace or air conditioner. We’ll be glad to show you every option in a free, no-obligation consultation in your home.