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How to Choose a Heating and Air Conditioner Contractor in Minnesota

MN Heating AC Company In recent years, large public utility companies in Minnesota and other states have started offering sales and services of residential heating and air conditioning systems. Through extensive advertising on radio, television, and direct mail, just about everyone in the Minneapolis St. Paul metro area has heard of these programs. The advertisements say that you can save money by buying your forced-air gas furnaces and central air conditioners direct from the company that sells you the natural gas and electricity used to operate them. In some cases, that is true, since these large corporations have enormous buying power and can obtain volume pricing from manufacturers for these home comfort products.

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Big Energy Companies vs. Local HVAC Contractors

MN Heating Contractor It can be difficult for smaller, home-town businesses to exactly match discounted prices from large-scale corporate giants. But, you may have noticed in those energy company advertisements that the actual prices aren’t disclosed until a salesperson is in your home. There are a number of things to consider before letting a big energy utility company sell you a furnace or central air conditioner, and wise consumers will compare offers from those companies with deals available from Minneapolis St. Paul locally owned and operated companies. Owning home heating and cooling equipment is more than the initial purchase. The quality of ongoing service, maintenance and customer service can make a big difference in your total cost and experience. Here are some questions to ask both the big utility company and your trusted Twin Cities local heating and air cooling contractor:

  • How Easily Can You Contact an HVAC Specialist?

    When you call the energy and utility company, you may have to wait on hold for some time or talk endlessly to an automated answering service before a qualified representative can answer your many questions. At our company, you won’t have to wait on hold, and an experienced HVAC specialist will be available when you call, or will contact you right away.

  • How Much Will My New Furnace or Air Conditioner or Services Cost?

    Get the total installed price for the complete job and then compare that cost with your locally owned HVAC contractor. The cost of your new equipment is only part of the total cost. Weigh the total cost against other factors before making a decision, such as installation, long-term energy bills, repair and maintenance.

  • Will a Salesperson Try to Sell Me More Than I Need?

    If a utility company salesperson tries hard to sell you on buying their top-of-the-line, highest-efficiency furnace or air conditioner they offer, think twice. As an award-winning HVAC contractor in the Twin Cities, our goal is to sell you exactly the brand and model that matches your home’s needs and your price range. We’ll show you a full selection of equipment, explain how the cost and efficiency features affect your long-term ownership, and then let you make the decision for yourself. High-pressure sales are not how we operate.

  • Who Will Install My Equipment or Make Repairs?

    At our HVAC company, only trusted, highly trained and experienced technicians directly employed and supervised by us install and repair the heating and air conditioning systems that we sell. At the big power company, their own employees may install your equipment or make your repairs, but they also frequently use independent contractors they do not employ to do the job. It just depends on how busy they are, and you may not know in advance who is coming to your home.

  • How Soon Can You Install My New System or Make Repairs

    As a leading local HVAC contractor, we’re always on call to service your home comfort systems. In an emergency, for example, we can often replace a failed furnace or air conditioner the same day you call. We take great pride in our fast, efficient service. At the big utility company, it all depends. Ask them for a firm time when your service will be done or when your new system will be installed. Then compare your options.

  • Are Your Rebates and Discounts Available Elsewhere?

    You’ll see advertisements from the big energy companies telling you about big manufacturer rebates or discounts. What they don’t tell you is that those rebates and discounts are available from all authorized dealers of a manufacturer’s products. Don’t be misled into thinking that you can only get great price breaks from the big utility company. As an example, we are a Carrier Factory Authorized Dealer, and offers the same Carrier deals they do. Just ask us about available programs. We’ll help you with all the details.

Twin Cities homeowners have been relying on our top-notch services for their home comfort. Not matter where you live, we are only a phone call away. We cover the entire metro, from Hennepin, Dakota and Ramsey to Anoka, Washington, Scott and Carver County.

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As an award-winning Minnesota heating and cooling contractor, we don’t depend on flashy advertising and high-pressure sales tactics to attract customers to our business. Instead, we rely on our reputation and over 35,000 satisfied customers throughout the Twin Cities metro area, along with our dedication to complete customer satisfaction. Before making any decision on HVAC equipment sales or service, we encourage you to call us and compare our competitive prices, efficient service, and dedication to meeting your exact needs and budget before making a decision. Let us show you our local advantage.