High Efficiency Furnaces: The Basics

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Part of the reason some people look forward to the winter is the warm family time. The best way to truly enjoy this time is to have a reliable heating system that gives you zero headaches. Whether you’re enjoying the end of the year with your loved ones or you’re having family over, suitable indoor conditions for the cold season are necessary for a comfortable stay.

While it’s great to huddle when it gets really cold, having less-than-ideal heating conditions in your home can become harmful for your health. So if you’re in the area, make sure you check the service providers of furnace installation services in Minneapolis, MN.

What are the Options?

When it comes down to choosing the best option for your living space, the biggest question some may ask is whether it’s better to choose a new high efficiency furnace or to simply repair their old heating system. There are a few considerations to be able to make that decision, including the age of the heating system. Is it worth it to make the necessary repairs or would it be best to just install a new entire system?

furnace installation services in Minneapolis, MN

Furnaces and How They Work

In order to make an informed decision, we’ll look into the heating system itself. While this might seem like an obvious topic, knowing the basics can simplify the decision-making process.

Fuel is used to generate a source of heat which is then distributed and it circulates the house. The different types of furnaces, including gas, oil, and electric furnaces use fuel. Furnaces will keep your house warm no matter what, but the most costly of them will be those whose fuel is more expensive. Such is the case of a propane furnace, whose yearly cost almost doubles that of the majority of the other fuels. In any case, a furnace which functions properly can be a great asset if you do your research of what kind of fuels are available in your area.

An Efficient Furnace

The efficiency factor of furnaces can be measured by its AFUE, which stands for Annual Fuel Utilization Efficiency. An AFUE is a percentage that ranges from 55% up to 90%. It’ll tell you how much heat of the one produced will be actually sent into the indoor air system and into your home. The higher the AFUE percentage is, the less energy is wasted and the more efficiently the fuel is used towards heat. This correlates directly to the yearly cost of fuel utilized.

Another factor to consider is your house insulation. Heat can escape through walls, floors and roof. The less heat is lost, the less fuel will be used, lowering the heating cost.

So whether you’re choosing to make repairs to your house insulation, give maintenance to keep your old furnace working to its best possible performance, or do a furnace installation service in Minneapolis MN, don’t waste any more time and dial (612) 724 1899 to contact Residential Heating and Air Conditioning.