Octopus Furnace Replacement in Minneapolis & St. Paul, MN

Octopus Furnace Replacement in Minneapolis & St. Paul, MN

Do you live in a very old home? Does your home still have an octopus furnace installed? An octopus furnace is also called a gravity furnace. The name octopus furnace comes from the many ducting pipes which are attached to the furnace. These systems use the force of gravity to move warm air through the ducts and into the rooms of your home. Due to the age of these systems, they are often not very energy-efficient and may require more repairs than they are worth. Octopus Furnace Replacement:

Choose Us To Replace That Octopus Octopus Furnace Replacement in Minneapolis & St. Paul, MN

25 years of knowledge, experience, and on the job training are the keys to our success, and our ever growing list of happy customers. Since 1991 we have been the only company within the industry who really knows what our customers want and strive to provide just that.

Innovative and independent consultants who are equipped to handle any situation that may arise and their willingness to ensure customer satisfaction. We employ a team of staff who uphold our values and ethics and have the happiness and well-being of our customers at heart at all times.

We are the authorized dealer and installation specialist for the Carrier brand. In order to keep the brand name, we really have had to raise our standards and keep them there, this ensures that you will receive only the best quality and superior products when calling on us to assist you.

Outdated Octopus Furnace

In this modern age, people are always looking for equipment and systems that are energy-efficient and will in effect reduce their overall operational costs. Money is tight and any way of loosening the belt even just a little, is welcomed.

If you have an old octopus furnace that is giving you more problems that pleasure, call one of our friendly technicians and make an appointment. We will gladly come out to your home and evaluate your needs. We will carefully consider the area to be covered, the layout, building materials used in the creation of your home, your insulation, and of course, your requirements and needs. We have a range of the most energy-efficient systems on the market and will gladly advise you on which is best suited for your application, and the costs implications if a replacement was to be carried out.

Of course there will a considerable cost to change from one outdated system, to a new, modern, efficient one, but these costs will quickly be reclaimed through lower utility bills, less frequent maintenance, and the fact that repairs don’t have to be carried out every second day.

Choose an Energy Efficient Unit

We are fully equipped to perform the replacement and will take care of absolutely everything. Design, implementation, testing, and commissioning and everything in between. In the end we will hand the system over only when you are completely satisfied.

Choosing an energy-efficient unit will save you in the long term and in addition, will save our environment from harmful emissions.

Call Residential Heating and Air Conditioning today and ensure this holiday is a safe, warm, less costly affair.  Old furnaces that have wear and tear are potential hazards to your family. We are the only service provider who cares about our customers and we strive to show that in every task we undertake.

Call us now and allow us to get rid of your furnace woes and replace them with a new, improved, modern winner. Residential Heating and Air Conditioning. Octopus Furnace Replacement is the way to go.