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Furnace Replacement Minneapolis St Paul MN Many Minneapolis St. Paul homeowners are surprised to discover that a company that is no longer in business manufactured the older furnace in their basement. Usually, they discover that when problems have developed and the parts needed to make a needed repair simply aren’t available. As the Twin Cities leading heating contractor, our experienced repair technicians sometimes have to tell people that they’re unable to make the repair and that a replacement will be needed. The history of the heating, ventilation and air conditioning or HVAC business is complex, and companies come and go.

Many companies that once manufactured natural gas heating equipment have been purchased by other companies over the decades. Often, the brand name continues to appear in the marketplace, but the actual manufacturer has changed. In other cases, companies have simply gone out of business for a wide range of reasons. For homeowners, though, they can be left with broken equipment with no support or no replacement parts for repair. Two older home-heating equipment brand names that were popular in the Minneapolis St. Paul area, but that are now out of business are:

  • Furnace Replacement Prices MN Chrysler Airtemp – Chrysler Corporation built high-quality forced-air gas furnaces and air conditioners for a number of years. The company, however, went out of the HVAC business in 1975. Authorized dealers of this brand installed many Chrysler Airtemp furnaces in Minnesota. Today, parts for these older, inefficient furnaces are almost impossible to find.
  • Waterbury – Manufactured in Minneapolis, Waterbury oil-burning and natural gas furnaces are still operating in some homes today, even though the company went out of business in 1962. Popular in the Twin Cities, since they were manufactured locally, these products are low-efficiency units, and replacement with high-efficiency products from Carrier, Lennox, Payne, Goodman and other nationally known manufacturers is recommended.

Replace Your Obsolete Furnace to Avoid Breakdowns and High Energy Bills

Natural Gas Home Heating Installation Twin Cities If your home-heating furnace dates from before 1980, it’s guaranteed to be wasting money by sending far too much of the energy in natural gas up the flue. Older and obsolete furnaces often have an AFUE efficiency rating of 60% or less. That means that 40 cents of every dollar spent on fuel is wasted and does nothing to heat your home. With natural gas prices rising every year, wasted energy adds up fast on your energy bills.

Today’s high-efficiency furnaces by Carrier, Lennox, Goodman and Payne are rated up to 96% AFUE, and use almost all of the fuel’s energy to keep your home comfortable. In a free, no-obligation consultation in your home, a representative from our trusted heating and air conditioning company in the Minneapolis St. Paul area, can show you just how much you can save with a replacement installation. Energy savings aren’t the only reason to replace an obsolete furnace, though. Other issues include:

  • Unreliable – All mechanical equipment is subject to problems, especially after long service. If you have a loss of heat in the middle of a harsh Minnesota winter, you may have to opt for a replacement installation immediately if needed parts are not available or are too expensive to make a repair practical. While you wait for a replacement, your home gets colder and colder.
  • Safety Risk – Aging heat exchangers commonly develop cracks. This is caused by years of expansion and contraction during the heating and cooling cycle. A cracked heat exchanger can allow deadly carbon monoxide gas to mix with the heated air circulating in your home. If a cracked heat exchanger is detected, the repair technician will have to red-flag your furnace and shut off the gas. A replacement heat exchanger will probably not be available for outdated equipment, so a new installation is the only solution.

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If your home’s furnace is more than 20 years old, it could be obsolete and inefficient, costing you more and more money each year. It may even be manufactured by a company that is no longer in business, like Chrysler Airtemp or Waterbury. Call us today for a free, no-obligation evaluation. We’ll give you objective information on its condition and efficiency rating and let you know if it’s made by an out-of-business company. We’ll also show you the full range of options for a high-efficiency furnace and air conditioning system from Carrier and other trusted manufacturers. Our complete cost estimates for several excellent options will help you make a decision that’s right for your home and budget.