Replace Window AC with Central AC in Minneapolis & St. Paul, MN

Replace Window AC with Central AC in Minneapolis & St. Paul, MN

Replace Window AC with Central AC:

Replace Window AC with Central AC in Minneapolis & St. Paul, MN Driving around the Minneapolis St. Paul metro area, you’ll see a lot of homes with window-mounted air conditioners jutting out from the sides of those homes. In most cases, those same homes have a furnace and air ducts heating the home, but are still using old-fashioned window air conditioners. In other cases, these homes have hot water or steam heat and no ductwork. Many people in that situation think that there’s no way to install an air conditioning system that has even cooling, high energy efficiency and attractive appearance. The reality is that both types of homes can benefit from the efficiency and increased comfort of a modern AC system. Here are some of the drawbacks to window cooling units: Replace Window AC with Central AC:

  • Uneven Cooling and Poor Efficiency

    At best, a window air conditioner can only cool a single room in your home. Few units are powerful enough to cool larger areas, and even in a single room, cooling is often uneven. Even the best window products are low in efficiency – far lower than a modern central or ductless air conditioner.

  • Noise and Limited Cooling Area

    Window units are loud. The entire mechanism, including fans and compressor is located inside the unit. In order to adequately distribute air through the room, loud fans are used. In many cases, these units disrupt normal conversation and television viewing. If you have a window unit in your living room, there’s no way it can also cool your home’s bedrooms. For many homeowners, that means putting separate units in bedrooms.

  • Unattractive Appearance and Decreased Property Value

    Window air conditioners are just plain ugly. They disrupt the lines of your home, overhang walkways, and don’t match anything about your home’s exterior. Every Realtor knows that a home with window air conditioning units is harder to sell and sells for a lower price than a similar home with central or ductless air conditioning.

  • Water Drips and Heat Loss

    When window air conditioners run on humid days, they constantly drip water that condenses on the coils. This water can cause the growth of mold and weeds and is always unsightly. While manufacturers recommend that they be removed each year before winter, few homeowners follow that recommendation. A window AC that remains in the window over the winter causes huge heat losses in your home, raising your cost of heating dramatically.

Affordable Replacement with Central or Ductless Air Conditioning

The solution for Twin Cities metro area homeowners is to get rid of those ugly, noisy, drippy window units and replace them with efficient, quiet air conditioning systems that will provide even, cool temperatures throughout your home. You’ll eliminate all the problems listed above and improve your quality of life during the hot summer months. As an award-winning contractor in Minnesota, we have affordable solutions for all types of homes:

  • Carrier Air ConditioningCentral Air Conditioning for Homes with Forced Air Heating Unless your furnace and air duct system is old and obsolete, it’s almost certainly compatible with high-efficiency central air conditioners and heat pumps from top-quality manufacturers like Carrier. An outside air conditioner or heat pump works with special coils mounted in the air chamber that feeds your air ducts. Hoses carry the refrigerant to the inside coils, and cool air circulates using the same system used by the furnace. The same thermostat that controls your furnace also controls your split air conditioner, and the system cools or heats as needed, with no further attention from you. If your home has an obsolete furnace and duct system, such as a gravity furnace, it’s probably time to replace that, too, with a modern, high-efficiency gas furnace that’s compatible with central cooling. You’ll be glad you did when you see how much lower your energy bills are.
  • Ductless Air ConditionersDuctless Air Conditioning for Homes without Air Ducts If you heat with hot water or steam or if your home does not have an air duct system at all, you can still take advantage of modern HVAC technology. Ductless mini-split AC systems from LG use an outdoor unit, similar to the outdoor compressors used in central AC systems, but smaller, along with one or more small, quiet indoor units that do the actual cooling. Systems are available for single rooms or for up to four rooms or zones powered by one outdoor unit. You won’t believe the difference ductless air conditioning makes in your home, compared to old window units.

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Replace Window AC with Central AC in Minneapolis & St. Paul, MN If you’re ready to get rid of your ugly, noisy, money-eating window AC units, as your full-service HVAC contractor in the Twin Cities, we have an affordable, economical, high-efficiency system to match any home. Don’t spend another summer shouting over the noise of a window AC that doesn’t really do the job.

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