3 Common Problems That Could be Affecting Your AC

Residential Heating and AC

Summer is just around the corner and those daydreams that we’ve been having for the past 4 months of those sunny hot days having a BBQ outside with friends is starting to become a reality again. Taking a sneaky sick day off work has never looked more appealing. Spring is finally bringing us back to life after blasting the heater all winter long. We at Residential Heating & Cooling are the experts in Air Conditioner installation service in Bloomington, MN and we are here to help your transition to summer as smooth as possible! With over 25 years of experience, we would love to share with you some common reasons why your AC might be playing up:

Refrigerant liquid

The ‘refrigerant’ is the liquid inside your AC unit that helps to cool the air in the system off. Usually, you don’t need to refill or replace it often and if you were to it could mean that you probably have a leak in the unit. This process should only be dealt with by professionals who know what they are doing. If you attempt to try to do this by yourself you are risking causing only more damage and further expenses to your AC unit.

The veins of your AC unit

The wiring of your AC unit is basically the veins to your system. If not taken care of wiring can very quickly cause problems. During the humid months, some unfriendly animals could chew on the wires causing total damage. We recommend that you keep a good eye on its state so you can see any signs of failure quickly rather than when it’s too late. If you have bad wiring it could also cause short-circuit or generate overloads which could make your bills grow astronomically.

Residential Heating and AC

Is your fan located outside?

Depending on where your fan is located in your home it could be exposed to lots of different risks. If it’s outside, debris, dust and winter residuals could easily get inside your unit causing some unexpected trouble. With Winter behind us, you don’t need to watch for melting ice or branches anymore, but you should practice trying to keep your AC unit free of pollen and clean of unfriendly curious animals. Due to the weather or simply just by accident, if any unwanted items get inside your unit it can be a pain to deal with in the future if you leave it for too long. Not only does it eliminate any health risks to your loved ones but it also helps you to ensure that you are getting the most of your AC unit’s performance ability. Keep the area clean, clear and dry to avoid unexpected problems.
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