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How Mini Split Systems Can Save Money

Monday, April 15th, 2024

If you’re looking for an efficient and cost-effective way to cool or heat your home, mini-split systems are worth considering. These versatile HVAC systems offer several benefits that can help you save money in the long run. Let’s explore why you should consider a mini-split system in Minneapolis.

What Is a Mini-Split System?

A mini-split system, or ductless mini-split or ductless heat pump, is a heating and cooling system that doesn’t require ductwork. It comprises an outdoor compressor/condenser unit and one or more indoor air-handling units connected by refrigerant lines. Each indoor unit is installed in a specific room or zone, allowing for personalized temperature control.

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Real Talk About Asbestos and Your HVAC System

Monday, March 18th, 2024

Asbestos. It’s a scary word. You know it’s something that might be in your home, and that you don’t want it there. Asbestos has been banned from homes since 1989, but that doesn’t mean the danger is gone. You may have a serious asbestos issue in your home, hiding inside your HVAC system.

We offer asbestos removal in Minneapolis, and in this blog, we’re going to get down to the important details about the asbestos that might be in your HVAC system and why it’s important to have our specialists remove it.

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Warning Signs Your HVAC System Ducts Need Repairs

Monday, February 26th, 2024

The ductwork in a home’s HVAC system often goes overlooked. People focus more on the AC and heating system, which are the parts they interact with the most. The ductwork mostly hides behind the walls and in the attic. But trouble with ducts due to breaches and air leaks are a leading cause of HVAC problems. Bad ducts can cancel out all the good a well-maintained heating and air conditioning system can do!

We’re HVAC pros with a long history of helping homes enjoy the best in comfort. Taking care of ducts is an important part of our job, and we’re one of your best sources for service for your ductwork in Minneapolis, MN and the rest of the Twin Cities if it’s damaged. But first, you have to know you need to call for duct repair. This post will help you determine if your HVAC system has ducts that need our professional services.

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5 Furnace Problems We Often See

Monday, February 5th, 2024

A furnace does a lot of work through the long and cold winters in the Twin Cities. Even with the best maintenance, a furnace can still run into a malfunction that will weaken its heating ability or cause it to stop working altogether. 

You never want to attempt to do any repairs on a furnace yourself—you’ll need to call the experts at Residential for heating repairs in Minneapolis, MN. We have many experiences dealing with all types of furnace malfunctions, and we know how to resolve them. Let’s look at five of the most common furnace problems we’re called on to fix. This list will help you better understand how your furnace works and what might cause it to stop working.

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Mid-Season Heater Decline? Don’t Ignore It!

Monday, January 8th, 2024
Inside a gas furnace. Focus = the top of the middle flange. 12MP camera.

The middle of the winter is the toughest stretch for us in the Twin Cities. Anyone who’s spent at least one winter here can tell you that. You need your heating system most of all during this time.

Ironically, it’s when people depend on their heating systems the most that they’re likely to ignore small signs that they aren’t working as well as they once did. It’s easy to think that as long as a heater system is meeting the basic requirements for warmth, there’s no reason to interrupt it by calling for heating repair in Minneapolis, MN

However, there are many good reasons to do exactly that! If you’ve noticed your heater doing things like running for longer than normal, running for shorter than normal, reacting slower to the thermostat setting, unevenly heating parts of the house, costing more to run, making strange noises, or anything else unusual, it’s time to call our technicians to check it out.

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Warning Signs of an Unsafe Gas Furnace

Monday, January 1st, 2024

We don’t want to alarm you with the title of this post. In general, gas furnaces are safe to have in homes. If they receive regular annual safety inspections and tune-ups and prompt repair service when needed, they post almost no danger. They’ll continue to heat homes for many years until it’s time to replace them.

However, gas furnaces can become unsafe, and it’s important to know the signs of this so you can shut the furnace off and then call us for furnace repair in Minneapolis, MN. Here are ways you can detect that your furnace has a safety malfunction.

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Why Won’t My Furnace Evenly Heat My House?

Monday, December 18th, 2023

Why have a central heating system for your home if it isn’t managing to heat all the living spaces? A heater like a furnace is installed into a house specifically to send sufficient heat to all the rooms for comfort. 

If you’ve noticed at the start of winter that your furnace isn’t doing the job you expect from it, leaving some rooms too cold, then you’ve got a problem that needs attention. It might be only a simple issue you can correct with troubleshooting. Or it might be a bigger malfunction that will require calling our technicians for heating repairs in Minneapolis, MN or elsewhere in the Twin Cities. We’re going to look at what might be causing your furnace’s uneven heating trouble and what steps to take.

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Do You Often Forget to Change the Furnace Filter? Here’s Why It’s a Super Important Job!

Monday, November 20th, 2023

You need to change the furnace filter regularly during the winter, every 1-3 months depending on the strength of the filter. This is an important job but people often forget to do it in the middle of a busy season when they’ve got so much else occupying their minds. We wrote this post because we want you to know why changing the filter is extremely important—and maybe we’ll help you remember it in the future.

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Why Have My Heating Bills Suddenly Skyrocketed? 

Monday, November 6th, 2023

You examined your most recent energy bill and were shocked to see a number higher than you’re used to seeing. You expect to see an increase in energy costs as colder weather arrives—whether it’s natural gas going to a gas furnace or electricity to a heat pump or electric furnace—but this is next level. You know you can’t be using that much energy. What’s happening?

We’re glad you’re concerned about this. Sometimes people just ignore their utility bill history and what sudden increases might mean. There are several possibilities for this sort of spike in heating costs. Some are simple to correct. Others will require calling our skilled professionals for heating repair in Minneapolis, MN. We’ll look at the most common causes of rising heating bills.

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Let’s Get Up to Speed on Gas Furnace Safety

Monday, October 16th, 2023

Gas furnaces—they’re the most common type of heating system found in homes around the country. They’re powerful and reliable. And, like any appliance that burns natural gas, they can also be potentially dangerous.

We’re not trying to be alarmist. Gas furnaces aren’t inherently risky appliances to have in a home, no more so than a gas stove or oven. But they do require some caution and several safety steps to help keep them operating safely.

You probably know several of the important gas furnace safety preventive measures already. Now that we’re deep into the fall, it’s a good time to get you up to speed with the best practices for a safe and warm winter. 

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