4 Signs That It’s Time For AC Replacement

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Air conditioners don’t last forever. Especially if you use yours throughout the summer and let it sit dormant through the winter. Some people are great about keeping their unit serviced and up to date, while others, not so much. If you haven’t had your AC regularly serviced at least once a year since you had it installed or purchased your home, chances are it’s not doing too well by now.

Yet, it can be difficult to tell when it’s time for a new one. An air conditioner replacement service in Minnetonka, MN will be necessary eventually. The question is, when is it time for yours?

We want to help make AC easy for you. Here at Residential Heating and Air Conditioning we are all about our customers. We don’t want you to have to worry about a thing. So, to make things easy, we have developed a guide to help you decide. When is it time for an air conditioner replacement service in Minnetonka, MN?

  • If your unit is 10 or more years old.

Old AC units aren’t just old, they are inefficient and expensive to maintain. Many units that are this old are still using Freon, which is no longer used in newer models and costs more and more every year. This means that your unit is getting more and more expensive to maintain every year.
Older units are also less energy efficient. The last decade has seen wild advances in AC technology and efficiency. The difference in energy usage between an old and a new AC unit can often be enough to pay for the new AC within a year. No kidding! Some old units are real energy hogs. New AC units are efficient and powerful. You’ll be amazed at the difference.

  • If your house just isn’t staying cold anymore

Eventually, your AC just won’t have what it takes to do the job anymore. As the days get hotter and it’s task gets tougher, it might just not be able to keep you cool. If you’re noticing a warm house even when you turn the AC on, it’s definitely time for AC maintenance or replacement.

All the money you are paying to run your AC unit is wasted on a unit that isn’t cooling properly. Remember, just because your house isn’t cold, doesn’t mean you’re not spending money on AC.

  • If your utility bills are through the roof

Like we said before, old AC units are far more expensive to run. They eat up energy and produce lesser cooling results. The older an AC unit gets, the less efficient it becomes. If you are noticing that you’re paying an extraordinary amount on utility bills each month this summer, it is likely because of an old AC unit. Time for an upgrade.

  • If you’re facing costly or frequent repairs

If you have had a break down and are facing costly repairs, it might make more sense to simply replace your AC. No sense paying an arm and a leg to repair an ancient AC. A new one will save big money on future utility bills and you won’t face frequent breakdowns.

So if you find yourself somewhere on this list, call Residential Heating and Air Conditioning today. We offer the best air conditioner replacement service in Minnetonka, MN. Our service is unparalleled and our expertise is unmatched. Our phone number is 612-724-1899.We look forwards to helping you get comfortable this summer.