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Don’t Let Amateurs Try to Install Your New Air Conditioner!

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So, you’ve decided to invest in a new air conditioner to keep your home cool and comfortable during the scorching Minneapolis summer months. While it’s tempting to save a few bucks by having a friend or amateur installer handle the installation, there are several compelling reasons why this could cost you more in the long run. Learn why it’s best to find professional AC installation in Minneapolis rather than try to save money with a cheaper installation option. 

You’ll Void the Warranty

One of the most significant risks of amateur installation is the potential to void the manufacturer’s warranty. 

Many air conditioner warranties explicitly state that professional installation by a licensed technician is required to maintain warranty coverage. If something goes wrong with your AC unit and it’s determined that improper installation caused it, you could be left footing the bill for repairs or replacements.

Inefficient Installation Leads to Inefficient Operation

Air conditioners are complex systems that require precise installation to operate efficiently. Improper installation can lead to airflow issues, refrigerant leaks, electrical problems, and reduced performance. 

This not only results in higher energy bills due to inefficient operation but also puts unnecessary strain on the system, shortening its lifespan.

Possibly Dangerous

Amateur installation of air conditioners can pose safety risks. Improper electrical connections, refrigerant leaks, and inadequate ventilation can create hazardous conditions, including the risk of electrical fires or exposure to harmful gases. 

Professional installers are trained to follow safety protocols and ensure that installations meet industry standards for safety and performance.

Extra Costs in the Long Run

While amateur installation might initially seem like a money-saving option, it can lead to significant extra costs down the line. 

Due to improper installation, you may encounter more frequent breakdowns, require additional repairs, or even need to replace the entire unit prematurely. These costs can quickly add up and outweigh any initial savings.

Installer Might Not Be Licensed and Insured

Hiring a professional HVAC contractor ensures you work with a licensed and insured installer. This means they have the necessary training, qualifications, and liability coverage to handle the installation safely and effectively. 

In contrast, amateurs may lack the proper credentials and could expose you to legal and financial risks in the event of accidents or damages.

Installer Might Not Be Using Top-of-the-Line Equipment and Standard Practices

Professional HVAC installers use top-of-the-line equipment, tools, and techniques to ensure quality installations. They follow industry-standard practices and guidelines to optimize system performance and longevity. 

Conversely, amateurs may cut corners, use inferior equipment, or overlook critical installation steps, compromising the air conditioning system’s overall quality and reliability.

Professional installation for your new air conditioner cannot be overstated. Avoiding amateur installation protects your warranty coverage and ensures efficient operation, safety, long-term cost savings, and peace of mind. Invest in a reputable HVAC contractor, like Residential Heating and Air Conditioning, to professionally handle your air conditioner installation and enjoy optimal cooling performance for years.

Rely on Residential Heating and Air Conditioning and you’ll “Feel the Difference”! Serving The Twin Cities Since 1991. 

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