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Don’t Put Your AC to the Test this Summer—Repair Now

We’ve had our fair share of hot weather this spring, so you’ve probably already had to use your air conditioner a good amount. If you’ve noticed that your air conditioning isn’t quite up to par then it’s time for you to contact our team.

Don’t put your air conditioner under an unneeded amount of stress this summer just because you’re worried about the cost of repair services. We’re a team of responsible professionals that have always been committed to providing quality service for affordable prices. If you need air conditioning repair in St. Paul, MN, make sure that you contact our team.  

Signs That You Should Call for AC Repair

Can you relate to any of the problems listed below? If so, then it’s time for you to contact a professional air conditioning technician.

  • Poor Airflow: There are a lot of telltale signs that your air conditioner is headed downhill. If you notice that the air coming from your vents is moving very sluggishly then you could have a myriad of different problems. The airflow problem could be a clogged air filter, a broken compressor, or even a loose part. The only way to find out for certain is if you have the assistance of a professional.
  • Warm Air: One of the only things worse than poor airflow is warm air. You want to get cool in summer and warm air coming from the registers is hot, uncomfortable, and a huge sign that you’re having air conditioning trouble. The source of the problem could be with your ductwork or with your compressor. You need a professional for these problems because the system is complex and requires careful work.
  • Excess Humidity: Sure, we don’t live in the Everglades, but humidity is still a problem here in Minnesota. You don’t need to feel so sticky and balmy in your home. Your air conditioner should be able to control a fair share of humidity on its own even without a dehumidifier system. If you’re feeling uncomfortable contact our team.
  • Short Cycling: Short cycling is how HVAC professionals describe cycling that’s far too frequent. Does your air conditioner ever turn on, run for a short amount of time, turn off, and then start up again very shortly after? This is short cycling and it’s a terror on your air conditioner. One of our technicians can get your system back on track just in time for the high summer temperatures.
  • Odd Noises: If your air conditioner sounds like it’s struggling to run it’s time to call a professional. “Odd” noises include squeaking, grating, banging, or rattling. The only thing worse than listening to a noisy air conditioner all summer long is listening to your noisy air conditioner peter out and break down when the temperatures are super high.

If you need quality air conditioning repair then you need our team. We never settle for anything less than quality work.

Ready to repair your air conditioner? Contact our team today at Residential Heating and Air Conditioning today to schedule an appointment.

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