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5 Signs that Your Heater is Crying Out for Help!

If you have any minor problem with your heating system, a winter in Minneapolis will bring it to the forefront. In our previous post, we talked about what it would look like if you had a heater that was about ready to be replaced. If your system isn’t that old, however, any distressing signs you detect are more than likely indicators that you need repair, not replacement. We’re going to list all the top reasons below to help you monitor the quality of heating in your home.

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Warning Signs that You Need Heating Repair

Here are a few signs that you need heating repair:

You’re Spending too Much on Heating: Does your heating bill seem abnormally high? This is typically the first sign that there’s a big problem with your heating system. A sudden spike in your bill is a sign that a repair  is on the horizon. This is also true if your bill rises slowly overtime—compare electric bills from past winters until now to see if your heater is still running efficiently.

You Hear Odd Noises: Do you hear weird noises coming from your system? This is a sign that you need heating repairs in your home. Depending on the noise your hearing, an odd noise could denote anything from a loose part to a faulty motor. The best way to avoid problems like these are to schedule routine maintenance services to keep them at bay. If you do experience these problems, then make sure that you call a professional at your earliest possible convenience to avoid further exacerbating the problem.

You’re Experiencing Short Cycling: Experiencing short cycling? “Short cycling” is when your heater constantly turns on, runs for a very short amount of time, and turns off only for the process to start over again in another short interval. Short cycling is a sign that something is wrong with your heater and that a breakdown could be around the corner. Short cycling is a bad sign and on top of that, it’s terrible for your heating system. Short cycling is hard on your system, you’ll waste energy running it this way and you’ll shorten the lifespan of your heater.

There’s Hot and Cold Spots: Notice that there are a few spots in your home that are always freezing while others stay stuffy no matter what you do? This might seem like a minor inconvenience, but it’s actually a sign that you need heating repair. Hot and cold spots are a symptom of malfunction in your heating system.

Even High Thermostat Settings Feel Cold: Do you come home from a cold day, turn on your heater, and feel nothing? If you’re constantly cranking up your heater even higher but still shivering on these cold days here in Minnesota then your system isn’t working as efficiently as it should be, and you need to call a professional.

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