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Benefits of Installing a Carrier Furnace

What do you look for when choosing a furnace for your home?

If you are going for the most basic details, you’ll want a furnace that works and heats your home well. From there you are likely going to look at the furnace’s energy efficiency: after all, you don’t want a system that is too expensive to ever run.

There are a good number of furnaces that boast great effectiveness and efficiency. One type of furnace that we personally like to tell people about is the Carrier brand of furnace. These heaters go above and beyond basic efficiency and effectiveness. If you are looking for a next-level system, then you should consider a Carrier furnace installation in Minneapolis, MN.

What Makes a Carrier Furnace a Good Option?

We can’t just stop at telling your that these furnaces offer incredible heating effectiveness and high efficiency. We can break it down more by telling you about some of the unique benefits you’ll enjoy when you invest in one of these heaters for your home.

Variable speed systems offer more consistent comfort

Many furnaces are one-speed systems. This means they are either heating at 100% or they are off. With a Carrier furnace, you can enjoy the benefits of a variable speed system. Rather than using an all-or-none approach, these systems can slow themselves down when they sense that the temperature is closer to where it needs to be. Doing this allows for better control of your indoor heating along with less energy usage overall. It also translates to fewer peaks and valleys in your home’s temperature.

Higher energy efficiency than ever

The furnaces from Carrier are all ENERGY STAR® certified, meaning they are made to help lower energy usage, lower emissions and, as a result, help save you money. As new SEER2 regulations start to affect what we can provide to homeowners in our area, Carrier makes it easy to meet (or exceed) those regulations while keeping your energy bills as low as possible.

Quieter operation for cozy nights

You shouldn’t have to choose between keeping your house warm and having your heater keep you up all night. With a Carrier furnace, there is no choice because these systems are made to operate with minimal noise. This helps ensure your comfort physically and mentally.

Better humidity control helps indoor air quality

Carrier covers all your bases. They have created different types of furnaces to help meet the needs of every possible home. Your options include:

  • Comfort™ series: This is a budget-friendly option with straightforward but effective operation and high energy efficiency (up to 96.5% AFUE).
  • Performance™ series models: The Performance model is another option that blends efficiency and performance. These systems offer better comfort control and as well as humidity control.
  • Infinity® series models: This is the perfect blend of effectiveness, efficiency (98% AFUE), and quality comfort. Plus, it is a quiet system.

Ready to get a Carrier furnace into your house? If so, then you can reach out to our team to find the right furnace for you and get it installed in a timely manner.

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