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Why Is My Boiler Leaking Water?

blue-question-markBoilers are great systems to heat your home in a place like Minneapolis. But what happens if your home’s boiler starts to leak? The first thing and really the only thing you should do is contact a professional. We’re the ones who can handle what’s going on with your home’s boiler.

In a perfect world, your boiler would be efficient, effective, and long-lasting too. This can be your reality with high-quality service. If you want better work, you should definitely trust the professionals on our team. We can be here for you when you need us most. We specialize in boiler services in Minneapolis, MN. Today, we’re going to run through a few probable causes of why this is happening.

Why Is This Happening?

Here are a few reasons why water might be leaking from your home’s boiler:

1.      Pressure Issues

If you’re not regularly getting your home’s boiler checked, then you’re doing yourself a disservice. Your home’s boiler needs routine maintenance just like any other heater. If you’re skipping out on this, then it’s pretty likely that you’re having issues with your boiler pressure.

The boiler pressure can get out of hand and rise to a level that’s too high. If your boiler pressure is too high, then your boiler will start to leak. It’s doing this because it’s trying to relieve some pressure. If the pressure stayed inside of the unit it would implode. Remember, we’re here to help you.

2.      Corrosion

Water-based systems are prone to becoming victims of corrosion. If you don’t have your home’s boiler serviced regularly, then it’s more likely that your home’s boiler will become a victim of corrosion. You need a professional to determine how severe things are. You might be able to get away with replacing certain parts to fix your leak.

3.      Temperature

Boilers come with a temperature control valve that regulates the temperature of the internal water. Sometimes, if the temperature is too high, it can actually cause leaks within your home’s heating system. We’re the professionals who can determine if this is the case and help you rectify this.

4.      Poor Installation

If you had your home’s boiler installed by an underqualified HVAC professional, an amateur, or even installed it yourself, then we have some bad news for you—this could have caused your leak. If your install team isn’t qualified and experienced, they can put things in the wrong way and hurt your home’s heating.

5.      Wear and Tear

Your boiler goes through a lot heating up your Minneapolis area home even for one winter. Now imagine what your boiler goes through after heating your home over the course of several winters. Wear and tear is something that’s going to happen. Boilers can’t last forever. If you’re trying to overwork your system and underserve it, it’s common for the boiler to start leaking. Wear and tear creates weak points that allow for leaks.

The Residential Heating and Air Conditioning can help you with your boiler. Contact us today and “Feel the Difference.”

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